The newly approved Migraine Headband has great potential!

When you suffer from migraines as I do, you are constantly looking out for new solutions out in the market.  You are always searching for the proper painkiller or treatment, perhaps better than the one you had last time you had a relapse.  When the pain, the nausea, and the light and/or sound sensitivity hit maximum points, you pretty much wish you could cut your head off.  Well guess what, looks like there's a new product out there that might be able to stop you from massacring yourself when a migraine's got the best of you. Looks like pain management just got a bit more techie. 

The FDA has now approved Cefaly.  Cefaly is a battery-operated headband that is placed across the forehead with self-adhesive electrodes.  Just like an TENS unit the electrodes are meant to stimulate through electric currents and reach the trigeminal nerve. This nerve is responsible for sensing pain signals on the face and head. 
“People who really suffer with migraine are frequently in the emergency room, because they don’t have something that sort of consistently helps,” says Allegheny General Hospital neurologist Dr. Andrea Synowiec. “And for those people, I anticipate this is something they’re very excited about.”
This approval came after the device was tested by 67 adults who, like me, suffered from at least two attacks every month.  First, they had to  stay without taking any medication for three months to get absolutely any trace of meds from their system. Then they got the Cefaly device or a placebo. 
The group that got the Cefaly device required less migraine medication and their relapses and migraine attacks where reduced considerably. 
 “It’s a novel way of looking at treatment, something that is non-pharmacologic, which, for some people, the pills just make them feel sick,” Dr Synowiec continues.
The product is very new and the public is absent knowledge of the benefits it brings.  Practitioners are not recommending it yet not because they doubt it but because they have not had the proper experience with it yet. Patient satisfaction studies have determined that it Cefaly had treat acceptance and that many people will buy for continued use. 
 “As larger groups of people are exposed to the treatment, it will become more apparent what is a big game changer and what really doesn’t have much of an impact,” says Dr. Synowiec.
Always consult with your physician before starting any type of treatment. Some people mentioned feeling a tingly feeling where the electrodes come in contact with the skin, other reported that the device made them sleepy and a few also said they actually got a headache.