October is National Physical Therapy Month

A time to celebrate those who work to rehabilitate us, to bring us back to normal and do our daily activities and favorite sports. They help take the pain away and share all the knowledge about the condition we go through, so why not celebrate them with a special month? October is the national physical therapy month.

According to R Scott Ward, PT, PhD, president of the American Physical Therapy Association, “Mobility is the key ingredient to aging successfully and remaining active and independent throughout our lives. I think most will agree that is a universal goal as we grow older.” Grow old and grow healthy, a focus for many people determined to achieve those elder years to watch their family grow and enjoy all the special moments in life.

“Move Forward” is the slogan for this special month. It holds the big meaning and purpose of all PTs, improve mobility through a personalized attention. “When it comes to health care, one size does not fit all. A physical therapist's extensive education, clinical expertise, and "hands on" approach brings you a unique, individualized approach. When you are in the hands of a physical therapist, you have a plan of care that is safe and appropriate and addresses your individual needs and pre-existing conditions.”, says Dr. Ward.

The following video and complementary infographic are dedicated to honor those important PTs and PT assistants in our lives. Discount Medical Supplies offers all the equipment a PT might need in their clinic at affordable prices.


Therapy month


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