Office & Clinic Supplies: Starting your own Medical Practice


As retailers for office and clinic supplies, we often deal with doctors who have started their own private practice. Even though it might have been a strenuous process, it is absolutely achievable. If you are a doctor stuck on the private sector and are daydreaming about starting, you can take action and achieve your goal.  There are certain start-up checklists that you can use as a guide (like this one) to get you up and running, but before you get in on it, there are 5 steps that you need to take.

Pretty much on the majority of Medicine School Programs, there is an important aspect missing. Providing the know how to students on what it takes to start up their own private practice. For doctors who have had experience in the private sector and want to become independent it might seem a bit complicated to start from scratch, because many might not have the knowledge of what are the first steps to take. Doctors who have successfully started their own medical practice have boiled down the process in five easy steps.


1.      The very first step is to find a proper location to set up your practice. For most doctors this is the hardest part of the whole process. Finding a proper office space suitable to your needs can be complicated, also businesswise, it is very important to secure a location that is accessible to your patients and conveniently located. To get the proper space you might need to set-up financing to secure the location, seek the alternatives with local and commercial banks, also there is the option to contact a lending company that specializes in loans and credits.

2.      Once the location is set, the next step is furnishing and equipping the office with computers, furniture and office and clinic supplies. You will need to setup a computer system.  Computer equipment for every room and a proper system to set up the files and records of the patients, ideally in order to save time and space, it is best to maintain a paperless office. For medical equipment, purchasing it wholesale can bring the benefits of being the best cost effective way to supply your office. We here at Discount Medical Supplies have virtually everything your new practice might need.  From Exam Lamps, to Gowns, to Clinic Treatment Furniture, we carry top quality products.

3.      With the medical practice now up and running, the next step is setting up your insurance and getting patients. Dealing with insurance companies can be a bit hectic when you are first starting, but it is a necessary step. Setting up your credentials with insurance companies is also highly advisable. It is also advisable to seek “medical malpractice insurance”. To get patients, local advertisement and word of mouth are the best way to start. A good medical experience with a patient is almost as valuable than an ad in the local newspaper.

4.      Once the patients start coming in, the practice will begin to grow. With a larger amount of patients more administrative work will be required, hiring staff, such as a medical assistant and a front desk receptionist are the first positions that must be hired. Easing the amount of work that the office might generate. Secondly, the next step is to hire a good accountant to help handle the financial issues of the practice.  Eventually, once the practice grows larger and larger, you might want to consider hiring an office manager to help mange the administrative aspect of the office, freeing time for you to dedicate to your patients.

5.      Once the previous steps have been taken care of, the final step, make sure you know the finances well, besides hiring an accountant like we advised above, it is important that you take the time and are familiar with your budget and be strict with it. Also, seeking business advise from experienced people is a good way to get on the right path. Those who have experience can give you the best advise.

One implicit word of advice that can be given to anybody wanting to take on an important life goal is to take action. Setting yourself a realistic deadline will drive you forward.

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