Offset expensive insulin with cheap medical stuff online

Cheap medical stuff online for diabetes can help people offset the costs of increasingly-expensive insulin – which is quickly becoming as priced and prized a commodity as a pack of smokes in prison. The price of insulin has more than trebled in the past 10 years; when once it may have set diabetics back about $100-$200 a month, now it’s more in the vicinity of $400-$500. As a result, many diabetic Americans are using less of the medication, or none at all. Insulin is not the kind of drug one would want to quit cold turkey; in fact, if not used daily, diabetes could lead to such complications as kidney failure and loss of vision.

In addition to insulin, diabetics have extra expenses like test strips. Fortunately, they can find those and other cheap medical stuff online at Discount Medical Supplies. The pharmaceutical industry has caught a lot of flak recently for increasing the prices for medications that, like the song, have basically remained the same. Drug manufacturers claim that prices are hiked in order to afford the research and development of new medications. Insulin, for example, was first used as a medication in Canada by Charles Best and Frederick Banting in January 1922, but only Eli Lilly, Sanofi, and Novo Nordisk hold production patents – which prevents the development of generic insulin – because they have made minor improvements to it. which makes insulin the Malibu Stacy of medications; it’s pretty much the same as 94 years ago, but look, it’s got a new hat!

According to a spokeswoman for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, insulin treatments have become more effective and patients are living longer as a result. Moreover, list prices do not actually reflect what customers pay because insurers and pharmacy benefit managers negotiate discounts. “In fact, an analysis by SSR Health found that net prices for insulin actually declined in 2015 due to robust competition and negotiation in the marketplace,” she told CBS News in an e-mail. “With that said, we recognize too often patients struggle with access to their medicines at the pharmacy.”

Insulin is not the only medication that is not cheap medical stuff online, though. The price of EpiPens has soared by 48%, which has drawn the attention of at least two Senators. This has diabetics wondering why the high cost of insulin does not draw the same attention from legislators. After all, EpiPen is exclusively for emergencies, whereas people with diabetes need to take insulin every day.