November facial hair: Reminder of men’s health issues


Mustache, mustache, mustache. All mustache must grow. On Movember men are doing what only men – and a few women – can do to cast a spotlight on the medical conditions only men can suffer. Thus we got natural mustache, Hungarian, mustache, Dalí mustache, English mustache, imperial mustache, freestyle mustache, Chevron mustache, Fu Manchu mustache, Pancho Villa mustache, handlebar mustache, horseshoe mustache, pencil mustache, walrus mustache, and all for a good cause. Tooth brush mustache is automatically disqualified because of its association with Adolf Hitler and how silly it made Michael Jordan look.

As punctual as the monthly full moon that turns some men into werewolves, the month of November is here and with it a call to clean-shaven men everywhere to grow facial hair above their upper lips to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The now yearly tradition of Movember started in 2003 in Australia with the goal of bringing attention to prostate and testicular cancers. Ten years later, the non-profit Movember Foundation raised almost $21 million in 2013 alone. This year the United States version of the campaign – which is now held in more than 20 countries worldwide – will include add men’s mental health and fitness to the agenda, Movember's U.S. Director Mark Hedstrom said.

“We are all about the mustache and only the mustache,” Hedstrom is quoted on ABC News. Fortunately, Movember has spun off into No Shave November, which caters to full-beard growers and women and encourages them to forgo shaving faces and legs, respectively – armpits are optional. “Nearly everyone spends some amount of his or her hard-earned money on grooming, whether that's shaving, waxing, trimming or threading,” the No Shave November website says. “If just for November, those individuals gave that cost (ranging from a few dollars for razors to a $100 salon visit) to a cancer charity instead, friends and family alone could pool together a sizable chunk of change to help cancer patients and their families.” If you’re feeling torn between the two hairy charities (hairities?), you can always compromise and grow a Lemmy beard.

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