How to put on an ostomy bag?

The big question on most stoma patients’ mind is: how do I put on an ostomy bag? While the answer can differ for everyone depending on a person’s unique situation, there are some hard and fast guidelines to follow, to make the process much easier and convenient. 
Applying ostomy bag gets a little easier each time you perform a change. There are certain products to utilize such as pastes, wipes and wound care tape. Your healthcare professional can help you decide the right guidelines for your particular needs. 

Applying an ostomy bag
According to United Ostomy Associations of America Inc., these are the most common steps involved in applying ostomy bag:

Wash and dry your hands thoroughly before changing your ostomy bag.
Have all of your supplies ready--- including a new pouch, pouch clip, scissors, wound care tape, powder, paste, measuring card and wipes. 
Clean the area with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly.
Wipe the stoma with a wipe and use powder to absorb any extra moisture.
Let the area air-dry.
Use the measuring card to match the size of your stoma. 
With a two-piece system, attach the pouch to the ring seal.
Squeeze stoma paste around the seal or place a stoma ring around it.
Place the seal over the stoma and hold in place for a few moments to ensure its security.
Attach a pouch clip or wound care tape to close the pouch. 
Wash your hands once again to avoid any contamination. 

Holding it all in Place
Once you have applied your ostomy bag, you will want to secure it properly, through wound care tape. There are many tapes to choose from include:
Reliamed Clear Surgical Tape, Latex Free by Milliken Medical is transparent, hypoallergenic and porous. It allows the skin to breathe while remaining water resistant.
3M Healthcare 3M Nexcare Durapore Cloth Tape is extra strength and provides superior adhesion capabilities. It features a silk-like texture which makes it extremely comfortable on the skin. It is also hypoallergenic.
While applying ostomy bag can seem like a huge, confusing feat, it need not be. Once you have all of the right information and tools, you can apply your bags with ease and confidence. Utilize products such as wound care tape, to provide you with an extra layer of security. A healthcare professional can help you with any additional information that you may need. 

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