Ostomy Care: How often do you change your ostomy bag?

One of the most important elements when wearing an ostomy bag is, how often to change it? This can cause confusion for many patients; there can even be varying opinions.  Proper ostomy care depends on the frequency in which you change your bag, following the proper procedures. 
According to the United Ostomy Associations of America, Inc., your ostomy bag should be changed every 3-7 days.  Your healthcare professional can help you decide the exact frequency for your particular needs.
Changing Tips
When it comes to ostomy care, there are a few things to keep in mind. 
Determining how often your ostomy bag needs to be changed depends on the durability and adhesiveness of your particular pouch.
If you experience itching or burning, the wafer should be changed.
If you change too frequently or not enough, your skin could get damaged.

Tools of the Trade
When it is time to change your ostomy bag, there are certain steps to follow, including having all of your materials ready. This makes the process go easier and more efficiently. You will feel more confident and secure that everything is being taken care of in a hygienic manner.
 These tools can include a new pouch, pouch clip, scissors, paper towels, powder, paste and wipes, according to MedlinePlus. 
One of the most important materials is wound care tape. The tape helps to ensure proper ostomy care. 
Megazinc Pink Adhesive Tape by Invacare Supply Group is a great tape for securing ostomy pouches. It is great for sensitive skin, flexible and water-proof. It’s also latex-free.
The Original Pink Tape, by Invacare Supply Group, works great on delicate skin. This tape is great for prolonged use and is latex-free and flexible.
Reliamed Clear Surgical Tape, Latex Free is hypoallergenic, transparent and water resistant. This tape sticks to skin sturdily.
Ostomy care has certain guidelines that must be followed precisely. The ostomy bag must be changed frequently. You can consult with you healthcare expert to find out how frequent this changing schedule for you need to be.  
They can help you develop a good guideline to meet your personal needs. Remember, the right supplies are critical to proper ostomy care. One of the most diverse products to include in your repertoire is wound care tape, which will keep your ostomy bag safe and secure at all times.