Overactive Bladder & Incontinence: Linked, but NOT the same

bladderWhen a man reaches his 50s he becomes more predisposed to develop certain conditions, some of them are directly related to the bladder forcing them to get adult briefs undergarments & protective underwear. Many men tend to consider that all issues related to the bladder are in some way related to incontinence. However that is not the case.

One condition is often confused with incontinence is called “Overactive Bladder”, this pathology is not the same as urinary incontinence, although the latter can be one of the symptoms of a health problem in question. This disease consists of a medical condition in which the storage function of the bladder does not act regularly, or consistently, which generates urgency to urinate suddenly, increased urinary frequency and even involuntary loss of urine (incontinence).

This syndrome occurs because the muscles of the body in mention contract involuntarily as send the wrong signals to the brain and generates a need to urinate without that really the bladder is full. As regard to the urinary frequency as one of the symptoms, there is to say that around seven episodes of urination during the day are considered as normal. However, this number can be variable taking into account the hours of sleep and the intake of fluids for each person during the course of the day.

Another factor that may be related to this disease is nocturia, which consists in the sudden interruption of sleep during the night one or more times by the need to urinate. Again, not related to incontinence, a person with incontinence would have “accidents” while they are asleep. Depending on the severity of incontinence some people require special adult briefs undergarments & protective underwear to make it through the night.

An Overactive bladder can affect a patient's quality of life greatly, and so it is essential that a specialist advises the affected person and provides enough guidance to help live with the condition. Furthermore, professional help is warranted in order to check the condition of the disease and thus the same choose the best therapeutic alternatives.

Although for some people it is difficult to discuss this topic with the health care professional, in most cases by shame, it is important that you do mainly if symptoms altered the social, occupational and personal life of the patient. There many ways to help deal with these conditions that can be treated by a doctor, and their normal life can return to what it once was with the assistance of adult briefs undergarments & protective underwear.

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