Ozzheimer: Sharon Osbourne genetically prone to dementia


One would think that the 62 year old television host, media personality, television talent competition judge, author, music manager, businesswoman, promoter and long-suffering wife of the Prince of F*ckin’ Darkness would get dementia by proxy (or, one might say, by Ozzmosis) purely from 33 years of going off the rails on a crazy train with Ozzy Osbourne, the man who once shocked Mötley Crüe themselves by snorting a line of ants and got banned from San Antonio for a decade for urinating on the Alamo while in drag. However, the reason Sharon now fears developing Alzheimer’s disease may have more to do with her father – who was revealed to have the condition in 2004.

Unfortunately, Osbourne may have inherited more than just the ruthlessness in the music business from her father, the promoter Don Arden – who passed away in 2007. “Ozzy and I had these tests done at a university in England, and the results took three months to come back,” she told the Daily Mirror UK. “They test every single cell, chromosome and gene in your body; it’s like a DNA test but a million times more sophisticated. The results showed I have two of the four genes that give it to you. They’re not the two major genes, but they’re still there and I have them.” Now she confesses to being terrified of dying from the disease like her father did. “It is the most soul-destroying disease,” she said during the interview. “To see someone you love come down with it...It's wicked, it really is.”

The laundry list of Sharon’s health issues includes colon cancer, a preemptive double mastectomy due to having BRCA gene mutations, seasonal affective disorder, and a leaky breast implant. “They found so much stuff with me, it’s ridiculous. Apparently I’ve got the gene for SAD – when people live in a climate where it’s grey and the sun doesn’t shine. I have that,” she said. Ozzy, on the other hand, apparently has Mr. Burns’s Three Stooges Syndrome. “So Ozzy had it done and, unbelievably, he came out so clean. He came out allergic to alcohol, coffee and dust. Dust! He is so healthy, it’s ridiculous.” Back to Sharon, she has been able to take on and defeat all of her health problems so far, like the Ozzman biting the heads off so many bats.

However, Alzheimer’s disease may be too much to face, even for the woman who once said, “Darling, the Wicked Witch has got nothing on me.” After all, you can deny thy father and refuse thy name all you want, but not thy genes. “There is nothing I can do to prevent it, nothing. People say to take cod liver oil and do puzzles and things, but then I look at people diagnosed with dementia,” she told the Mirror. “My father was super active mentally, and take Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan... they were all so active, and that’s what really frightens me.” The thought is a sobering one, especially when you imagine Ozzy as a caregiver (just ask Black Sabbath axeman Tony Iommi). One thing’s for sure, though, and it’s that if she does develop Alzheimer, she will welcome it with a hearty ‘f*ck you!’