Pain Management and The TENS 7000 Combo

pain management tens 7000

We at Discount Medical Supplies have spoken about the subject of TENS 7000 combo and Pain Management. Going over the how it works and how the effects felt by us when we use it. This units is widely regarded as, perhaps, the best unit available today, and many belief that the results after using this device are nearly miraculous. But still plenty of discussion is left on the air because of the type of unit we are dealing with, and frankly because there are people who still cannot fathom the possibility that Electrotherapy has merit.

Acute and Chronic pain is a ordeal that no one wants to endure. The discomfort can be crippling and completely halt a person’s normal life making it tortuous having to deal with the throbbing ache that they have to deal with. How the human body experiences pain is still a matter of great debate and study in the medical community. And the more is discovered; more uncharted territory is unveiled to us. While the complete grasp of understanding on how pain is experienced might be elusive, advancements in the field of pain management has made huge leaps, one of them resulting on Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, other wise known as TENS therapy. A safe, non-invasive, radical alternative that can effectively help relieve acute and chronic pain.

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People with chronic pain in some cases can be predisposed onto feeling the discomfort more intensely, and it can nearly incapacitate them. What the TENS 7000 Combo does is release tiny electrical impulses via self-adhesive electrodes directly applied to the area in pain. The impulses send a tingling sensation to the nerves and send the information to the brain in a faster way that pain signals are transmitted. The impulses with block the pain signals causing for a gradual diminishing of pain to be felt, slowly providing steady and lasting relief. In some cases, patients have even reported that the pain was completely alleviated.

Researchers in the medical world still are debating about the actual efficiency and veracity of the results of the use of Electrotherapy. Procedures such as orthopedic surgery or the use of potentially dangerous pain medication that might not even be effective. Yet, they are regarded by the mainstream media in a different light. We don’t want to go further into that controversy, we just want to point out that compared to those alternatives, the TENS 7000 Combo is far more safe.

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