Pain management: Seth Rollin’s combined ACL/MCL injury

 Among the many uses for Pain Management therapy methods, for people dealing with knee injuries, it can be a true blessing. The dreaded ACL/MCL injury is rare, painful and it puts people who suffer from it out of commission for almost six months. Cold therapy and TENS units can help mitigate the pain, but that’s just the beginning. Coming back from this injury demands so much more. This is the unfortunate case of Colby Lopez.

Seth Rollins

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins, real name Colby Lopez, was wrestling a house show match in the company’s tour of Ireland, this past November 4th. While performing a special move, or spot if you excuse the Wrestling jargon, he landed awkwardly and was in terrible pain. However, in a true perhaps ill-advised display of toughness Rollins was able to finish the match against his opponent Kane, a 324 lbs. man. Afterwards Seth was helped to the back by part of the WWE’s medical staff, and word from the backstage area was that there was a real and vivid concern from everybody there. The next day, the devastating news came; Seth had suffered from a tear in his ACL, MCL and meniscus. He is expected to be 6 to 8 months out.  Thus, forcing the WWE to vacate their top prize and forcing one of their most talented and exciting performers to miss out on WrestleMania 32 to be held in Dallas early next year.

The long road back

Tears on the ACL, the MCL or the meniscus are some of the most feared injuries by all athletes. The recovery process is slow and arduous; it requires a lot of patience, discipline and care. Now in the case of Rollins we have a case where all three areas have been affected, making the recovery process even trickier. When both ligaments are compromised or torn, for the knee to heal extra care and dedication. And, what’s unfortunate is that, the knee will be vulnerable in the future.

Pain management

This sort of injuries will require for a surgery to be performed in order to repair the damage and let the knee have a natural recovery. During the firs couple of week’s pain and recurrent discomfort is expected. Combining rest and elevation, with cold therapy and TENS therapy, can allow for the recovery to go by pain free.

What happens after full recovery?

Once an athlete is cleared to return, it is advised that they wear a knee brace to protect their knee. Furthermore, athletes must be careful when coming back as they must be sure to fully recuperate, and perform enough exercises to strengthen their knee for it to regain the capability of top performance.

Even though it might be tough, coming back from an ACL/MCL injury is absolutely possible. Athletes who suffer from this can come back to their old self with the aid of pain management supplies, a rehabilitation process with orthopedic aids and knee braces, however the key ingredient here is patience. Discount Medical Supplies wishes Seth Rollins a speedy and complete recovery!

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