Paper Supplies for Medical & Chiropractic Offices

The quickest and most efficient way to ensure that your patients are protected from other people’s germs is to ensure that each patient is the first and only user to come in contact with any given cup, pillow case, gown, table covering, and so on. Using paper products enables you to keep your patients safe by giving them single use items that can not be infected or contaminated.

Product Features

Among the paper clinical supplies that you can choose, you will find the following:

  • Square headrest covers are designed with a slit in the back so they easily fit over the headrest of an exam chair. The headrest cover can be changed in a matter of seconds between patients.
  • For exam chairs without a separate headrest piece, a headrest square sheet can be used to protect the area where a patient’s head will come into contact with the chair. A slot across the middle of the twelve inch by twenty-four inch sheet provides an opening for the patient’s face when the sheet is being used on a massage table where the patient will lie face down. One thousand sheets come in every box.
  • Paper pillow cases are available in a standard twenty-one inch by thirty inch size. One hundred pillow cases come in each box.
  • Paper hospital gowns are unisex and one size fits all. They are made of three ply paper, and fifty gowns come in each box.
  • Three-quarter ounce paper cups can be used for serving medication to patients, or for providing a drink of water for use in swallowing pills. Each box contains two hundred and fifty cups.
  • Rolls of table paper, used to cover examination tables, are available in full sized rolls that are twenty-one inches in width and one hundred and twenty-five feet long.

What Buyers Like About the Product

Medical practitioners who use these products are pleased with the following features:

  • The paper headrest covers and table paper rolls make it possible to ready the surface of an exam table or chair within a matter of seconds. Simply whip off the old paper, replace it with a new sheet,
  • The paper gowns are designed to provide privacy and full coverage for patients.

What Buyers Don’t Like About the Product

Some clinicians hesitate over the ongoing cost of replacing paper supplies, or even the environmental impact of using disposable items so regularly. However, once they take into account the alternative costs of sterilizing and cleaning (or, in a worst case scenario, the legal, practical, and emotional costs of dealing with a patient who has picked up an infection during treatment) it is quickly apparent that paper products are cost effective.


When dealing with an item that is regularly replaced and becomes an ongoing cost, it is important to find the least expensive high-quality product on the market. Purchasing your paper supplies here, you will be able to minimize the cost and stay well within your budget while protecting your patients.