Pediatric Dog Nebulizer: A Medical Equipment for Children Review

Paediatric dog nebulizer

In our medical equipment for children list of items we currently have a funny friendly looking dog that is a loyal companion to small children with Asthma. It is the Pediatric Dog Nebulizer Compressor System by Roscoe Medical. Regularly, loving and concerned parents are seeking this item in our online store more often than the others. We have taken this little guy for a test run to see how it behaves and we have also gathered feedback from other customers who have purchased this item in the past, so we can present you with a full-informed product review.

Product Features      

It is a child-friendly nebulizer that provides an effective treatment with a state-of-the art piston compressor. It is fully capable of delivering a 43 psi at maximum pressure and 16 psi operating pressure. It is equipped with a built-in carrying handle and a very convenient nebulizer parking spot. Comes with a compressor, nebulizer, child mask, tubing, mouthpiece, five extra filters and instruction manual. As most medical equipment for children is a friendly looking design is aimed to reduce anxiety during treatments. It is also quiet as it provides quiet treatments.

What customers like about this product

The Pediatric Dog Nebulizer Compressor System ranks high amongst parents of asthma patients. What our customers have stated as the main quality for this product is its overall performance. The pressure it provides is just about right and easy to operate, but it is a nice quiet, subtle machine, that along side with the child friendly design it helps for the child to feel at easy while receiving treatment. It can be placed near the child’s bed at all times, but it is so light and conveniently designed that it is fully portable. All the parts included in the package are also of high quality, so it is fully reliable.

What customers don’t like about this product

Considering it to be medical equipment for children it is important to know that its features and configuration is aimed for the use of children, as it is also stated on its menu. The reason we say this is because the very few comments regarding this nebulizers came from customers who were attempting to use it on patients that were no longer children.  We kindly advise all our customers to read the instruction manual.


If you are still wondering if you should purchase this item, the answer should be yes. Is not by coincidence that this has been widely regarded and praise by customers everywhere. As far a Medical Equipment for Children, this is a great addition to your shopping list

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