Personal Pollution: Are you inflicting it on yourself?

Have you ever heard of personal pollution? Do you have any idea how bad it is for your health? Personal pollution is a real threat that we tend to overlook as it is damage that we do to ourselves almost willingly.. When we live a life based on negative attitudes, emotional and physical abuse, smoking, drinking, bad habits and more, we are personally polluting ourselves and those around us. 
When you go on auto-pollution mode you walk down a path of sicknesses that you bring upon yourself. Becoming aware of what you are doing is the first step to making a change in your life. Once you are aware you can begin cleaning your body pure of the pollution you are inflicting on it, on your mind and soul. 
Personal pollution is the type of pollution you basically carry around with you everywhere you go and even when you sleep at night. It is something you do voluntarily (and involuntarily depending on the habit) yet sometimes it is something you receive from those around you.
How are you polluting yourself? Here are a few examples explained. 
Negativity is one of the most common ways of personal pollution and it is the first one you have to tackle and shake off.  When you are a negative person, always thinking about your “bad luck” and how bad things happen to you, you begin filling your inner self with sickening vibes that will eventually go physical on you.  Negativity can also trigger other polluting conducts like smoking, drug use, excessive drinking and more. It is also an open gate to emotional and mental conditions that can ultimately be fatal. 
Poor living conditions and bad habits
When we say poor living conditions we are separating it completely from poverty. There are those who have the economic capacity to put themselves in decent and even extremely good living conditions, yet they don’t. Human being need to live in cleanliness, clear spaces and healthy environments. Hoarding, living in filth, not washing your hands, smoking, drinking, eating junk food are only a few examples of self pollution. 
Major epidemics can come and go yet some people cannot get in the habit of covering their mouth properly when coughing, sneezing and yawning. This is another form of personal pollution that people provide to each other and as nasty as it sound, this puts us in an environment where we are constantly surrounded by saliva and body fluid particles from other people floating all around us. 
Perfumes, lotions and makeup
Makeup that may cause cancer, yet you put it on. Perfumes that give you and those around you headaches, yet you insist on wearing it.  Lotions that make your skin red and itchy with allergies yet you still recommend them to others. This is one more example of personal pollution. Your skin and your senses are no joke and should not be treated as such. Polluting yourself with chemicals is highly dangerous and potentially deadly. 
List of personal pollution triggers:
smoking and drinking
aerosol cans
technology use
eating un-healthy
not exercising
drug abuse
lack of sleep
negative attitudes
negative talking
negative thoughts
toxic makeup
strong odors
lack of manners
and many many many others… 


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