Poppie peed on my sofa: Why we shouldn’t laugh at incontinence

This is what a sign posted on a fridge cabinet in a Tesco Express in Hackney, East London, England said. It actually meant to say ‘sorry for any inconvenience,’ referring to a broken fridge. Though it wasn’t an example of British humor, it still sparked mockery on Twitter, which is actually a shame because incontinence is no laughing matter. As it turns out, people who suffer from this condition are very liable to having to apologize for an incontinent episode, especially if it takes place in public or in someone else’s living room.

As a case study, let’s take the fifth episode from the sixth season of popular sitcom Seinfeld. In this episode, called The Couch, Italian restaurateur Poppie, played by Reni Santoni, develops incontinence. As a result, he urinates on and stains Jerry’s couch, which unleashes a series of unlikely but correlated events as characteristic of the show’s run. Had Poppie only been wearing adult undergarments or adult pads, guards and pant liners he and the rest of the characters would saved themselves a lot of trouble. Of course, if he had indeed worn adult protective underwear or adult briefs there would have been no plot and the whole thing could have been just an infomercial.

Unfortunately, laughter and the involuntary release of urine have gone hand in hand since we can ever remember. However, there may be more to it than just trying to elicit cheers from toilet humor. As a matter of fact, some people can laugh -but also cough or sneeze too for that matter- so hard that they wet themselves. That means that laughter may cause incontinence, but at some point along the line the sequence of events was inverted. The fact remains though, that incontinence can have many other causes such as urge incontinence, in which the person needs to urinate often, especially at night.

As you can guess, urge incontinence and bedwetting are related, and lo and behold, the latter is also a cause of ridicule, in particular among children. The good news is that bed pads and underpad/mattress protectors and bedwetting alarms can help parents manage this childhood problem. Once again, though, incontinence refuses to be pigeonholed, and as such it can also affect the elderly. However, urinals and bedpans can come in really handy to seniors, as do adult plus size diapers for overweight people, who are also at a higher risk of developing incontinence. With this range of products available here at Discount Medical Supplies, you’ll never have to apologize for your incontinence, or be the butt of anyone’s joke.  

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