Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape : What is the fuzz all about?


All over the world, elite athletes are now being spotted using the popular and colorful Pre Cut Kinesiology Tape. In a wide array of sports, it is more common to spot a star player or athlete in the cover of sports pages with this innovative aid. Many old-fashioned sports fans might say that they are just doing it for the look or endorsement. While, granted, it does look very ‘cool’; the Kinesio tape has earned quite a good reputation among sports medicine. Is it a fashion statement? A fad? A helpful tool? We at DMS will see to it on this review.

The Pre Cut Kinesio Tape comes in a 2” x 16.4’, it comes with a hypoallergenic adhesive to keep the tape in place, without any skin irritation. It comes with pre cut strips. Made out of 100% cotton fabric, that is both flexible and breathable. Comes in different colors: hot pink, blue, black and beige. As it is advertised, taping is a new and very practical option for people who are suffering muscle pain and/or inflammation. It helps reduce swelling, while enhancing and promoting blood flow and healing. When used it allows for motion and physical activity while remaining in place.

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Among those who have purchased, those who are more vocal about the Pre Cut Kinesio Tape are mainly athletes and those who use this for athletic related purposes. They talk about how using the tape on their knees, lower back or shoulders have help alleviate the pain and provide them with support to be able to perform. The elasticity of the tape is also a matter of praise, as the tape adheres to the skin tightly without irritating, and it allows it to move with your body naturally, almost unseemly.

The main concern voiced by customers who have purchased his item is how the tape might be difficult for them to apply on their bodies. This complaint is actually a bit contradictory, as other customers have stated that the strips were very easy to apply.  Another people have voiced that the strips are not helping them relief pain, which is understandable as they are a tool that can help alleviate the pain, but not remove it completely.

Overall, we live in a world were the Pre Cut Kinesio tape will be more and more prominent. We believe there will come a time were looking at it will be as common as watching LeBron play with his headband.

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