Preventing falls with Osteoporosis Medical Supplies for Home

Today is World Osteoporosis Day, giving us an opportunity to talk about osteoporosis medical supplies for home – especially those that help to prevent falls. This condition can make a person as brittle as Sam Jackson in Unbreakable, and cause that person’s bones to become as weak as that movie’s premise. In other words, if Chevy Chase had had osteoporosis he couldn’t have done his famous pratfalls without risking a fracture, in particular in the hip, wrist, or spine. Therefore, preventing falls is one of the lifestyle modifications recommended for people with this condition to prevent falls as well as potential fractures.

Medical supplies for home that can help prevent falls include:

·         Grab bars.

·         Bath mats with suction cups.

·         Transfer benches.

·         Low-heeled shoes with nonslip soles.

It is not surprising at all that bath and shower safety daily living supplies are essential in the prevention of falls. After all, navigating the slippery surfaces of the bathroom is like playing ring a ring o’roses in that we all fall down – and not just people with osteoporosis. Problem is, people with osteoporosis are at a higher risk of a fracture if they fall down, as mentioned above. The good news is that strategically placed grab bars can help them to safely sit down and up the toilet and get in and out of the tub, while bath mats with suction cups allow them to stand in the shower without slipping and falling – sort of like the sneakers Richard Grieco used in If Looks Could Kill. And transfer benches are well known for helping users smoothly slide as opposed to slip in and out of the tub. 

However, danger is not limited to the bathroom. In addition to outfitting the house with medical supplies for home, people with osteoporosis or their caregivers must check the house for electrical cords, area rugs, and other, non-bathroom, slippery surfaces. Moreover, bright lights should be installed in rooms so people can watch their step. Also, people with this condition need to ensure that they can get into and out of bed easily – in which case they might want to consider installing bedside hand rails. All of the aforementioned –as well as other – medical supplies for home are widely available at Discount Medical Supplies, where we offer the lowest prices every day of the year – including of course World Osteoporosis Day.

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