Private Benjamin's Eileen Brennan Loses Battle to Cancer

Eileen Brennan, best known for playing US Army Captain Doreen Lewis in the movie Private Benjamin next to Goldie Hawn has passed away at the age of 80 after losing her battle to bladder cancer. Her Oscar award for best supporting actress in this movie was one of her greatest achievements, if not the greatest one.  Her managers confirmed her passing on Sunday at her Burbank, LA home.

Brennan also remembered for her appearance in The Last Picture Show and Clue and for her spiky behavior and for her particular voice.  Co-star Goldie Hawn released her statement towards the death of Eileen Brennan saying, "Our world has lost a rare human".

Eileen, who was born Verla Eileen Regina Brennan in September 1932 turned out to be a brilliant comedian who would be versatile enough and also deliver strong dramatic roles.

She was asked to reprise the US Army Captain Doreen Lewis role for an adapted TV series and collected an Emmy and a Golden Globe award for her great talent in this process.

Before walking the red carpet in Hollywood, Eileen Brennan started her career in New York until around the 1960s that she took that huge step.  From then on she made headlines for her greatness in different motion pictures and series such as "Murder By Death" and "The Cheap Detective"

Another reason why she made the headlines back in 1982 was due to an accident she suffered when she got hit by a car as she was leaving a dinner she had with Goldie Hawn in LA.  Although she was able to rehabilitate fully however grew dependant on painkillers so she later went into an addiction center called Betty Ford.

She came back into the acting business in 1985 when she appeared in Clue.  This movie was inspired by the famous board game under the same name. She delivered great supporting roles in Jeppers Creepers, Miss Congeniality 2 and on the TV series Will and Grace. 

The actress is survived by her ex-husband, David John Lampson, and their two sons, Patrick and Sam.

Brennan leaves behind her two sons Patrick and Sam and is survived by David John Lampson, her ex-husband.  Her family released a statement saying that she will always be remembered for being a funny and caring person and "truly one of a kind."