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Art of Balance: The Body Sport Inflatable Balance Disc

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 16:52

art of balanceThe Body Sport Inflatable Blue Balance Disc can be used for balance training and strengthening of lower extremities. Additionally, it can serve as a dynamic cushion to help activate important muscle groups. This disc is shaped and moves like a fitness ball when it is used on any seat. It consists of two different sides; one tactile and the other smooth and can be easily inflated to a 2” thickness with a conventional pump. On the other hand, it can also be deflated to a 1” thickness.

Reviewing Roscoe Frog, The Nebulizer System

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 12:09

Among our Top Sellers in Pediatric Supplies you will be able to find a little green frog that is becoming a great companion for children who are suffering from Asthma. This little fellow is Roscoe Frog, an All-in-One Compressor and Nebulizer System made by Roscoe Medical Supplies. Frequently, loving and concerned parents are seeking this item as their choice to provide their children who have asthma and other respiratory conditions with the best and most reliable treatment. This friendly looking frog is an ideal aid when dealing with children with respiratory diseases. We took this device and tested it, to present you with an educated review.

The very first thing that we must address is the child-friendly design that this nebulizer has. It was made this way to help make the child comfortable and at-ease when receiving treatment. Helping reduce the anxiety of the child when using this device provides a greater effective treatment, therefore its design definitely is a plus. Besides its cute appearance, the Roscoe Frog Nebulizer System also has a piston compressor that has been labeled by many as “state-of-the-art”, and rightfully so. It has a capability of delivering 43-psi at maximum pressure and 16-psi operating pressure.

Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 11:51

Let’s take the opportunity then to have a look at the Low Pressure Cuffed Tracheostomy Tube. This is a curved plastic tube that is inserted into an incision (stoma) in the front of the neck made by a surgeon. This procedure, called a tracheotomy, is performed to bypass an upper airway obstruction or to provide long-term mechanical ventilator support.


·         Protects delicate tissue with a cylindrical cuff.

·         Made with top-quality, compliant material.

·         Inner cannula with integral 15mm twist-lock connector.

·         Transparent.

·         Smooth, rounded-tip obturator.

Types of knee braces for sports

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 08:56

Many types of knee braces can be used both to prevent and manage injuries and pain. As it turns out, falling in love is not the only thing that’s hard on the knees. The bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments that make up the knee are all prone to sports injuries. The general purpose of a knee brace is to decrease pain and increase stability without reducing function. That being said, there are several types of braces with different uses.

TENS 7000 2nd edition: Stop the pain

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 11:07

The TENS 7000  is the most popular TENS unit available in the market today. We would like to tackle a popular debated issue in the TENS 7000 subject. Going over the how it works and how the effects felt by the human body when it is being used. The true effectiveness of TENS therapy using this device has been a subject of which many have written about in the past, we hope to illuminate those users who are just wanting to see what is the correct unit for their needs.

Acute and Chronic pain is a tribulation. The discomfort can be crippling and it can completely affect a person’s normal life making it tortuous. People with chronic pain in some cases can be predisposed onto feeling the discomfort more intensely, and it can nearly incapacitate them. Having to deal with the throbbing ache that they have to deal with, many have turned to alternative ways to deal with the situation. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, other wise known as TENS therapy, is a safe, non-invasive, radical alternative that can effectively help relieve acute and chronic pain. By the use of small electric impulses it send signals to the brain that blacks the pain signals making the pain stop effectively.

Tens AA: The Economy TENS Machine that will amaze you

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 11:38

tens aa digital

The TENS AA Digital Unit is a new, economic priced alternative for those who are interested in purchasing a TENS machine. It is pockets size, it has 5 treatment modes, a large LCD screen and it is unique as it uses AA batteries. It is lightweight and small, making it easy to take anywhere you might need it. The TENS AA Digital Unit also boast a very easy to operate display and, by far, a very economic affordable price. This device is among our top sellers, we have tested it to see if it holds a good reputation. Here’s what we found.

Among its features we can tell you that it has dual treatment channels, and it is capable of two selectable waveforms: symmetrical biphasic or monophasic. This TENS machine also contains five different treatment modes that can be adjusted: Burst I, Burst II, Constant, Modulated Width, Modulated Width and Rate. It comes with a clear and big LCD display that shows all parameters and, it also has parameter locking, so your settings will be constant. Also it comes with a very helpful treatment timer.

Intensity 10 TENS unit reviews

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 08:48

intensity 10 reviews

The InTENSity 10 Combo gets some of the best TENS unit reviews all across the Internet. The following rave reviews can be found in several different websites.

  • I was almost immobile with pain when the TENS Unit arrived. I quickly attached the electrodes and placed them on each side of my spine. Almost immediately the pain began to abate--With 24 hours of use, I was standing erect and was pain free.” Geri Goetz from New York.
  • I had extensive shoulder repair surgery. I bought this unit to help with the muscle pain and spasms. With the battery, I can hook it up and go about my day. It eases the tension and helps me concentrate on what I am doing. I would recommend this product to anyone (and have) who is having muscle issues.” Melanie Hutchinson from Nashville.
  • There is something about the display showing the icons for the various places you can use this TENS. It reassures it’s ok to treat other places than just one place on your body. It's also very easy to use.” Diane B. from Omaha.
  • After applying the electrodes to my back, I turned the Intensity 10 unit on and adjusted the settings. I eventually found the right mode along with the intensity to relieve my pain. After only 5 minutes of initial use, the pain went away. With reoccurring use, the pain is becoming less noticeable. I admit, I only have pinched nerve problems from sleeping wrong, but it sure does help.” Christina from Charlotte.

What is the lowest TENS 7000 price?

Submitted by Pablo Retana on 08:57

tens 7000

At first sight, Discount Medical Supplies may not have the lowest TENS 7000 prices – though at $27.79 is pretty, pretty, pretty low. Moreover, DMS has the guaranteed lowest price on most products. How does that work? If you find a better price, provide us with a written confirmation or a link to the suggested price and we will meet or beat that price upon proof that it has been valid for no more than 30 days. In addition to that price match policy we have coupon codes and promotions that can reduce our already low prices even further.

A quick word to the wise; Discount Medical Supplies makes every effort to offer accurate information about products and their pricing on its website. However, pricing and/or typographical mistakes may seldom appear on this website. For this reason, Marcoah Group Corp. – owner of Discount Medical Supplies – cannot guarantee the price of an item until after you have ordered it. In the event that an item appears with an incorrect price or with inaccurate product information, Discount Medical Supplies reserves the right to cancel any orders for the item. If an order you placed is cancelled as a result of mispricing, Discount Medical Supplies will notify you of the cancellation. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

InTENSity Micro Combo: Merging Microcurrent and TENS

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 11:48

There are so many different Electrotherapy units on the market currently, and most of them present a different alternative to the patients, hoping to offer something that will mold best to their needs. The InTENSity brand has made a name for itself for consistently providing customers with a diverse and rich experience in Electrotherapy with their many devices. One unit in particular, the InTENSity Micro Combo, is worth mentioning as one of their popular units. This machine combines the best of TENS therapy and the best of Microcurrent treatment, all in one single device. We have decided to take a look into this unit and provide our customers with our detailed review.

The advantages of having a Combo Unit are a no-brainer; you get the benefits of two different sorts of treatment in just one device. It is an added plus if both therapy modes complement each other, making the unit a more well rounded device. This is the case for the InTENSity Micro Combo. This unit provides the top quality TENS therapy that inTENSity devices have been known for. TENS therapy is effective and widely recognized method to treat acute chronic pain and discomfort. It is safe, drug-free, and non-invasive. It is by far the most popular form of Electrotherapy in the market today.

A Review of the Adult Hemi Walker

Submitted by Alberto Chaves on 14:53

When adults that have limited mobility, and have lost dexterity on one of their arms they require special assistance in order to regain independence and the freedom to be able to move around. The Adult Hemi Walker by Invacare Supply Group is one of the most popular walkers for patients that have this special situation. Also known as side stepper or side walker, this type of walker lets patients with limited or dexterity on one of their arms to be able to not lose their mobility.  Due to the attention this device has earned recently, we present you with our hands-on review of the item.

To fully get a concept of what the Adult Hemi Walker is, you could say that is the mix between a cane and a walker. It is much lighter than a regular walker, and it is much more stable than a cane. The design of this walker was to be easily handled with just one arm; also it is meant to be light but resistant also. It is built with four legs; each has their own individual slip-resistant tips. When maneuvering this walker we noticed how light it felt but when placed on the ground this walker provides excellent support and safety for the user. Since it has a wide base, in comparison, the Adult Hemi Walker provides with much more stability than a quad cane.


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