PSA: How to use TROM Donjoy knee braces

Total range of motion (TROM) Donjoy knee braces are used to immobilize and protect the knee joint’s range of motion (ROM).

Indicated for

·         Immobilization and protected ROM related to ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL surgeries.

·         Immobilization and protected ROM related to meniscal repairs.

·         Immobilization and protected ROM related to knee injuries.

A doctor will establish any restrictions and the ROM setting for the knee brace together with the frequency and length of time during which the patient must wear the knee brace after surgery.

Steps for application


  1. The patient should lie flat on bed with fully extended knee while the brace is fitted.
  2. All straps on the knee brace should be unfastened and their width adjusted as needed.

Placement of brace and hinges

  1. The brace is placed under the leg.
  2. The hinges are aligned with the knee cap and the midline of the leg.
  3. Black side bars should lie along the middle of the leg.

Securing straps

  1. Straps must be fastened above and below the knee.
  2. The remaining two straps should be fastened as well.
  3. Pull straps away from the frame to loosen or tighten to ensure a proper fit to the leg. The hinges should be either side of the knee and the bars lie along the midline of the leg.
  4. All straps must be fixed to the front of the leg to allow for easy access.

Checking fit and retightening

  1. Donjoy knee braces should be securely fit. Make sure that the brace fits comfortably and doesn’t move when the patient starts to walk.
  2. Once the brace is properly fitted, remove it by opening all straps and re-fit it by positioning the knee and closing all the straps.

A healthcare practitioner will establish the flexion and extension limitations as well as adjust the TROM knee brace during fitting. Other Donjoy products include the Velocity Light Support Right and the Donjoy Elbow Guard.

Individual notes for patients

Doctor’s name:


Surgery date:


Surgery note:


Flexion/extension limits:


Weight bearing status:


Walking device:


Suture removal date:


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