A quick guide to online medical supplies

Guide to online medical supplies

Being able to get your online medical supplies can be of a great deal of help for families caring for a loved one and caregivers everywhere. However, to further enhance and make the most of the experience of shopping with Discount Medical Supplies there are a couple of ways to make the best out of your online purchases.

Compare and Save

DMS proudly has a large catalog of products of all sorts, for all your different medical and health needs. We have our supplies sorted in categories to make it easy for you to locate them. We strongly suggest that, if you are shopping for a specific item, that you compare prices within the category, as you might be able to get a better deal. Also, in our health news section we have an entire page dedicated to product reviews so you can consult it for reference in the many products we have on inventory, to help you make a more educated decision.


Subscribe and get bonuses

A smart way to shop for online medical supplies is to be on the hunt for special deals and promotions. Discount Medical Supplies is constantly releasing brand new promotions every week and weekend. To stay ahead of the curve and get the information on when we are releasing these offers, we encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter, were we will be announcing our latest coupons and special deals every single week.


Get free shipping

To truly be able to make the most out of your orders in terms of costs, get familiarized with our shipping policies. We advise that you place your orders in bulk instead of making individual purchases. By grouping your items it will reduce the cost of shipping. Also, you can take advantage of our shipping policy that could earn your order free shipping, saving you a nice percentage of your order.


Take advantage of tiered pricing

Finally, if you are a practitioner, when you register with Discount Medical Supplies you will be able to save more by our tiered pricing system. If you want to make your purchases of your monthly online medical supplies for your practice, clinic or wellness center, this is the best option for you. Placing such orders with us will truly prove their worth as you will save more and get all that you need in one place in wholesale prices. This system of purchases is exclusive for registered members of DMS.