A Quick guide to a Nutritious Liquid Diet

 A Nutritious Liquid Diet is achievable. If your Doctor orders for this type of diet to be imposed, that doesn’t mean you will be ingesting less of much needed nutrients. Considering the facts, yes it is possible that a liquid diet could lead for you to lose weight, but it does not mean that you are not able to in take nutritious foods. Discount Medical Supplies brings you a list of items that you can include to your liquid diet menu.


What to do


Before we begin, we urge you that you consult with your doctor and clear what items you can eat and which ones you can’t. If a doctor ordered a liquid diet, then more so you will need to check with you physician before you proceed.


  • One thing that you can take advantage of are commercially sold dietary supplements such as the Glucerna® Shake Ready-to-Drink. These supplements are rich enough that occasionally can be even used as meal replacements. They are gluten-free and are able to provide a complete balanced nutrition and are of great deal of help for people on a nutritious liquid diet.
  • If you are able to tolerate milk, you can prepare your own shakes. Multiple recipes are available for you to test out different shakes and mix-up something tasty and nutritious at the same time.
  • Even though you some carbonated drinks (sodas) are allowed in most liquid diets, we advise that you try to keep their intake to a minimum if possible, as these drinks tend to have high levels of sugar. If possible replace taking them with natural juices.
  • Fruit nectars, Juices and Smoothies can also be great when used to go with your liquid diet. Adding a thickner to them will cause for them to be richer and broader.
  • When going on a liquid diet, one way to richen the consistency of the food being ingested and making it more substantial is with the use of a thickening agent for the meals. For example, for example adding Thick-It Original Instant Food Thickener to pudding will make for the spoon to scoop a portion that will be rich and plentiful. The same could be applied to soups for dinner and lunch time.
  • If your doctors okays it, mashed potatoes, blended and pressure cooked black cuban beans can all be healthy and nutritious. Recipes for options are easy to make and easy to find on the web.


Taking these tips into consideration is just one step of the pathway of a successful nutritious liquid diet. The real actual key for it to be completely successful is dedication and discipline.


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