Rapper Layzie Bone saves a driver suffering diabetic shock

Rapper Layzie Bone saves a driver suffering diabetic shockWhen a rapper’s name is mentioned on the news it is unfortunately mentioned in negative stories of them getting into trouble. Not that they are bad people, but given their celebrity whenever they have a slip up, their actions end up falling all over the tabloids. As a fan of 90’s Hip Hop, I was very pleased to have stumbled upon this story. Because not only does it tell a positive story of a rapper that I admired in my youth, it also talks about a matter that needs to have attention brought to it.

To give you some background on the matter: Steven Howse, known by his rap name “Layzie Bone”, member from the popular 90’s Grammy-winning rap group Bone Thugs and Harmony, recently was on the roan while on tour in Wyoming when he witness a car erratically driving on the highway. According to sources the driver was swerving all over the road and almost caused for a traffic accident when the car spun out of control and “did a complete 180 degrees” as told by Layzie bone on his Facebook page. Once the car stopped the rapper himself when to check up on the driver and found him on the middle of a diabetic shock.

The rapper, alongside other motorist who where on the highway, pulled over to help the driver. Fortunately an Emergency Medical Service car was driving behind them so the man could get proper medical attention.  According to the rapper’s account a “cute old couple in the RV” were able to provide oranges and apples for the driver to get stabilized.

This story might not get the same traction on the celebrity pages, but it really must be highlighted and applauded. Because it not only tells the tale of a good action regardless of if there was a celebrity involved. We can all encounter moments of medical emergencies and we can be in a situation where our actions might be critical in the aid of our regular people on the street. Action like this can save a persons life, and knowing the basics of what to do in cases like this.

During an emergency the very first step that we must follow is to contact 911, and stay with the person suffering the emergency if possible, and follow the instructions that the operator provides. In the case of a diabetic shock it’s best if we administer sugar, like in this particular case, fruit, candy and other foods that contains sugar.  If possible a Glucagon Injection can help the person suffering the attack, people with diabetes tend to have these injection with them in cases of emergency. If the person loses consciousness it is imperative that an ambulance it’s called so the person does not fall into a coma.

This story had a happy ending and it went on to further prove that any of us could be in a position at any point in time to be heroes, angels in the lives’ of strangers. We here at Discount Medical Supplies salute Layzie Bone and the other motorist that faithful afternoon for their marvelous actions.

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