Reflexology Charts: How Your Feet Affects your Organs

As a non-intrusive and complementary health therapy, reflexology has been gaining popularity through the years.  It is based on the the philosophy that pressure point found across the feet, lower legs, hands, face or ears have a direct link to different parts of the body internally and externally.  This holistic method has proven to be even more beneficial when it is done in conjunction with allopathic medicine. 
Is reflexology appropriate for you?
Anyone is a good candidate for reflexology.  It can be applied to newborn babies, elderly patients and all the ages in between.  A reflexologist however will be the one telling you when you can or cannot get therapy and for what reason. 

Will reflexology be beneficial for you?
A professional reflexologist will never tell you they can cure a condition you might be suffering from. They will not diagnose or prescribe anything.  This type of therapy is an individual treatment custom-made for the person as a whole.  It involves the physical and the non-physical factors around the patient as well as how they might be affecting his or her health.  There are those who believe in reflexology because they have experienced firsthand the benefits it brings. Others who have tried say they feel no positive changes from it.  It is a matter of trying it and finding out for yourself.