The relation between walking and creative thinking revealed

Walking creative thinking

Ever had a great idea while going out for a walk or a stroll? According to a recently published study, there might be a reason for that.

Researchers from the Santa Clara University claim to have found a link between stretching your legs and sparking your creative thinking. The research, asked 176 college students to complete certain tasks, then the students were placed in different conditions, walking or seated, the activities that the students took part of were used to measure their creativity. The results of the study found that the vast majority of the students that were part of the study were showing more signs of creativity while walking than sitting and also found that upon returning from that walk, they will still be at the peak of their creativity when they sit back down.

The results from these studies add more evidence to the benefits of walking has for your health. As recently a study back in 2013 had proven that walking could reduce heart risk, as well as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure just as much as running.

Through out history many of the world’s greatest minds have found inspiration while taking a walk. So much so that for some time composers were practically superstitious about their daily walks.

To further seek a link, a second study was performed in Stanford University.  The tests consisted on dividing the group and have them perform a creativity test for one half sitting down and while the other half performed the test while on a treadmill. Surprisingly, those who were walking had improved scores while measuring their creative thinking. These results really caught the attention of the researchers, mainly because in the previous research those who went outside for a walk were expected to test positively, but they did not expect same results to be obtained from those walking on a treadmill in a “small boring room”.

With these results, researchers now state that more studies and research are warranted, as they will continue to seek the actual complex link between the physical act of walking and the changes in the brain in a cognitive level.

To summarize, scientific explanation to why our brain reacts that way when we go out for a walk is not clear as of yet, but considering the many benefits that walking gives you, is a great low-intensity physical activity to try to squeeze in your daily routine.

We here at Discount Medical Supplies encourage you take some time off your schedule to take an hour walk. It will clear your head… among other benefits.