Roho and Star Wheelchair Cushion Products

Roho and Star wheelchair cushion seats are among the most sought after products in the market. In particular, pressure reduction cushions are especially designed to prevent pressure ulcers without eschewing comfort, functionality and practicality. For instance, the Star mid contour cushion is used by7 people who need cell height that offers significant tissue protection and treatment. At the same time, it provides easy in and out transfers. In addition, it is a very lightweight cushion. Another example is the 3’’ cell Star pressure reduction cushion. That one features firm positioning, unsurpassed stability and great levels of therapeutic prevention and treatment of pressure sores.
The 4’’ cell Star pressure reduction cushion is manufactured with interconnected air cells that promote deep cushion immersion with low pressure across the entire surface. The cells’ adaptability affords users a low shear and low friction surface that enhances the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The Star CXR cushion with coccyx area has been developed to reduce coccyx pressure thanks to a dual valve pattern that allows the user to separately adjust 4’’ and 2’’ cells with the goal of reaching individualized immersion and low sitting pressure.

As for Roho wheelchair cushions, the Roho Nexus Spirit cushion brings together the stability of a contoured foam base with the therapeutic properties of the Roho dry flotation seat cushions. Sitting posture is improved with outstanding pelvis and lower extremity positioning. The Nexus Spirit cushion is available at Discount Medical Supplies. Additionally, the Roho high profile cushion with a single valve is indicated for people with pressure ulcers or a history or tendency to develop tissue rupture. 
Other Roho wheelchair cushion products that you can find at Discount Medical Supplies include the Roho High Profile Seat Cushion, 24" x 20", the Roho Group 18" x 18" Low Profile Cushion Cover, the Roho Group AirLITE Cushions, and the High Profile / Low Profile Cushions. Pressure ulcers are not to be taken lightly, and that is why so much importance is placed on the type and brand of wheelchair cushions. This is a very polarizing area indeed; there are no shades of grey, either a wheelchair cushion is good enough for you, or it isn´t.