Select the Finest Foam Wheelchair Cushion

A wheelchair without a foam cushion is not complete. Sure you can sit on it, but would you want to? Selecting a foam wheelchair cushion is no easy task, though. Much like the wheelchair has to fit your dimensions, the cushion has to fit those of the chair. The ultimate goal is for you (or the user) to be able to sit down comfortably for long stretches of time, without the risk of assuming a poor position, or developing pressure ulcers. Fortunately, the major cushion developers such as Invacare and Roho have an ample variety to pick from, and much of their output is available at Discount Medical Supplies. 
Though there are many factors to consider, probably the most important one of all is that of cushion function. That concept includes how long you’re going to be seated, how much you move, and the stability (or lack thereof) of your posture. Prolonged wheelchair sitting can seriously decrease circulation. This is because the entire body’s weight is being supported by only a third of it. In people with muscle atrophy caused by spinal cord injuries, the loss of muscle that provided natural support further impairs the flow of blood. Moreover, wheelchair users tend to slide forward, thus putting stress on the skin’s surface. All of the above may lead to pressure ulcers, which a foam wheelchair cushion must be designed to avoid, while at the same time not sacrificing comfort and posture.

Speaking of posture, another duty of a cushion is to support the spine, not only to prevent potential deformities but also not to accentuate any existing ones. If you push your own chair, you will be able to do so in a more efficient manner the more stable you are. And that stability can only be acquired with the right cushion, such as the foam wheelchair cushion by Invacare Supply Group.
Foam wheelchair cushions are not airy and soft as they used to be. Nowadays, they vary in density and are able to ‘remember’ the shape of the users. Additionally, they are pliable enough to adapt to the seating contour. Foam allows you distribute your weight evenly, so that no area is more affected by pressure than another. And if all of that wasn’t enough, foam wheelchair cushions are more affordable than those made with other materials. You cannot go wrong with foam.