Self Foot Massage Techniques

There are certain parts of your body you can’t reach on your own, limber as you may be. Bu there is no reason you can’t give yourself a nice foot massage. There are several known self foot massage techniques. Some of them can be performed with your bare hands. Others can be enhanced with the aid of a device such as a Hygienic Corp Theraband foot roller, or a Dr. Archy foot massager. These products can be found at Discount Medical Supplies, where they are available at very reasonable prices. Foot massaging is not only about relaxation but also about pain relief.
Bare hand techniques can be quite simple, like placing one foot on top of the opposite thigh, and rotating your foot at the ankle using both of your hands (ankle circling). Or stretching the toes with one hand and tapping the sloe with the other (toe stretch). They may be a bit more complicated too. For example putting one hand on top of the foot and the other on the sole, and rubbing them across the whole foot in short, back and forth strokes; brisk ones to stimulate and gentle ones to soothe (sole rub). 
More complex self foot massaging techniques are the t-shaped fan and the thumb circling. The former entails wrapping your hands around the foot; the thumbs should meet at the sole bottom and the fingers curl on the foot top. The thumbs press the sole and sweep up the center; fan them out as they near the toes to form a T while stretching the foot outwardly. The latter involves wrapping hands around the foot, and moving thumbs in a circular, rhythmic motion around the sole. Then you can apply long and slow strokes over the entirety of the foot. Repeat this sequence on both of your feet.
Not all people are able to reach their feet, though. Therapists recommend those people to roll their foot on a tennis ball while they are sitting down. But, why use a pedestrian tennis ball, when you can use the Dr. Archy foot massager? This product is wrapped around your feet; at the bottom there is a cylinder-shaped bar which you can roll your foot on to gently but sturdily massage your arches and relieve sore feet, heel and arch pain, and plantar fasciitis. The theraband foot roller works similarly to treat foot pain and increase flexibility. Its natural rubber neither slips nor scratches the floor, and it can be chilled to decrease swelling.