Seniors and Exercise: Key for a longer life


The relationship of seniors and exercises brings only a richer and full quality life for our elders. As we grow older, the body changes. Those changes start from our very first day on earth. With age the importance of having an active life grows larger and larger with each passing year. There are many benefits for an active life, regular exercise helps to boost your energy, and it keeps the body healthy.  This is applies all to well for seniors also.

Besides, giving their energy a boost, regular exercise can even help slow the process of aging altogether. Its benefits not only are applied to the body, it can also reflect on the mind. It can keep the mind sharp and lucid, even improving the memory. Not only that, the release of endorphins can affect and improve the mood, leading to a more sense of a life fulfilled.

For our elder loved ones, establishing at first an exercise routine might be challenging at first. Aging not only takes a toll on our bodies, it also takes away from our confidence and self-esteem. Many regard old age as discouraging enough to prevent them to engage in any physical activity, the will feel as they are too frail or perhaps as too old to continue, but it takes encouraging and kindness from loved ones to get them to build the confidence to take on the challenge and enjoy the many benefits that awaits them.


Of course seniors and exercise is not the same relationship as it is for people at younger ages. The activities are not the same, and at this point in life the intensity of their workouts should be much lower. At Discount Medical Supplies we offer a great variety of fitness equipment for all ages.

Great activities recommended for seniors are both walking and swimming. It helps build endurance and it helps to increase their breathing and heart rate. Also, another fun activity that falls under this same category is dancing!

Another good activity for seniors is to do some weight lifting, of course we recommend they start small and work their way up. This exercise helps them to build strength and it helps them keep their muscles strong. Another option, and especially helpful for seniors, are resistance bands.

Low intensity activities such as yoga or tai chi, can be relaxing but it also can help in keeping and maintaining balance, eventually preventing any nasty fall.

Finally, flexibility exercises can help the body stay limber and avoid stiffness. Doing regular stretches, or yoga can also be of a great deal of help in this department.

Once a routine has been established and after giving it a chance: all active seniors have a thing in common: A big smile on their face.

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