September 29th: World Heart Day

Leading a healthy life can prevent a surprising list of diseases and serious conditions. However if you are ever confronted with fate and feel like it is about to happen here is a small guide on how to survive a heart attack if alone.

By coughing repeatedly with deep breaths between each expel of air you are massaging your heart and getting large amounts of oxygen to your lungs. It is extremely important to remain calm and try to get help as soon as possible and not rely solely on this procedure. This is only a recommendation of what you as a patient can do while emergency assistance gets to you. See the infographic below.

On September 29th every year the world celebrates the “World Heart Day”. Its goal is to inform citizens around the globe that stroke and heart disease are the leading causes of death with an astounding number of 17.3 million lives per year while Malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis together kill 3.86 million people.

This day is celebrated under different themes each year. For 2014 the promoted idea is “Heart-Healthy Environments”, creating awareness that the places where we live and work should not hold the major causes that increase the risks of suffering a cardiovascular disease. It is a call to governments and world organizations to unite and help create smoke-free zones and move for the availability of healthy food.

The World Heart Federation invites you to make Heart Choices NOT Hard Choices. Sign the pledge here:


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