Why should I use the TENS 7000?

The TENS 7000 is a transcutaneous (penetrates the skin) electrical nerve stimulation. A small hand held device that produces safe electrical waves through sticky pulse electrodes that can be attached to the skin. It is an alternative treatment to chronic pain relief with a non-invasive treatment that interrupts pain with electric pulses to the affected nerves.
The TENS 7000 is a carry on, pocket-sized device, that makes it easier to use throughout the day, particularly for patients that have been prescribed TENS therapy several times a day or when they are feeling acute pain strikes. This small device is a drug-free way of medication pain. The electrode patches are usually placed on either side of the affected area or where it was recommended by your practitioner. The electrical impulses block the pain messages from that area to your brain. Making the pain go away during the treatment and for some patients the relief can last hours after the TENS treatment. 
This unit is the most commonly seen in the market and thousands of patients across America are using it to treat many sorts of pains: short term soreness to constant aches like arthritis or muscle pain. It comes with user-friendly manual that will give all the instructions you need on how to use it and how to clean the electrodes correctly.

It has a powerful and adjustable pulse amplitude (100mA) in a dual channel digital unit that features five modes, a patient conformity meter, a timer (that can do a treatment countdown automatically) and a metal belt clip to keep it secure during the day. With a silver finish, it also has side railings made of rubber for a superior grip.
The device includes:
  • A set of four electrodes. Pre-gelled premium electrode pads.
  • 9 volt battery. (it is better to carry an extra battery or  get a rechargeable battery)
  • Lead Wires.
  • Hard protective carrying case.
  • It is also recommended to get a conductive spray, hopefully with antiperspirant on it, to put on the area where you will be applying the electrodes. This will keep the area dry, gives you better connectivity and increases the life of the electrode. And also as a complementary soreness relief, it is good to apply a pain relieving gel, like the Sub Zero Roll-on gel, that can give you a long lasting relief for your TENS therapy.
More details for the TENS 7000 are:
  • Adjustable pulse rate
  • Adaptable pulse width
  • Asymmetrical Bi-phasic square pulse on the wave form.
Many patients give positive testimonies on how this is a valuable device that has helped with their different pain types due to its versatile application.  And like any other TENS unit it is better to consult with your practitioner before using it to know if this is a good option for you.