Should I Get a Shower Chair with Transfer Bench?

shower-chairYou shouldn’t feel the need to buy a shower chair with a transfer bench, since transfer benches not only allow you to move from the outside to the inside of a shower, but you can also actually sit on the bench while you  shower. However, there are shower chairs and stools available to be purchased, if you need one but feel you can do without the transfer bench. Stripped down to its bare bones, a shower chair is a seat with metal legs, but there are many different designs as well. For example, some may include arms.
A vast array of such designs can be found at Discount Medical Supplies, like the Universal Bather, the Padded Vinyl Shower Chair, Pollenex Teakwood and Matte Aluminum Spa Bench, and the Platinum Collection Bath Seats by the Invacare Supply Group; the Carex Round Shower Stool and the Carex Adjustable Bath and Shower Seat, by Apex/Carex Healthcare; the Maddak Inc Shower Seat (with and without arms, rotating and non-rotating); and the Roscoe Medical Adjustable Heavy Duty Bath Benches


The goal of those and all shower chairs is to provide a quantum of independence for individuals who are not able to stand in the shower, or who have mobility issues. Some chairs may also be used in a tub. In general the seat is made with plastic, though you can get teakwood too; the extra expense is offset by the durability of the material. The usually adjustable legs are non-rust aluminum with rubber feet for a better grip. The feet may be enhanced with suction cups. Much like arms, shower chairs may or may not include a backrest. The seat features handle grip openings to improve balance, and holes to drain water down. Padding is uncommon but possible. 
Shower chairs are lightweight yet capable of withstanding up to 300 pounds. However, they should be assembled, installed, and used according to the accompanying instruction manual to maximize safety. Unassembled chairs are easy to put together, and often come with their own screws that can be tightened with bare hands. Shower chairs are easily transported and some are even foldable to simplify that undertaking. Shower stools are to shower chairs as regular stools are to regular chairs; the differences and similitudes being basically the same. If you think a transfer bench is better for you, you can also find a wide assortment at Discount Medical Supplies.