Shower Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

A shower sliding transfer bench with a swivel seat is a type of transfer bench that allows users to enter and exit tubs and showers even more safely and easily than traditional transfer benches. One side of the sliding transfer bench is mounted on the tub rim, while the other side is supported by two legs sitting on the tub floor. Many transfer benches have suction cups to avoid slipping, but it’s still a good idea to outfit the floor if the tub with an Invacare Non-Slip Extra Large Bath Mat. The swivel seat rotates 90 degrees to allow for better entry. The tub mounted chair may include a padded seat, a back and a seat belt.
If your bathroom has plenty of floor space, you might want to try a four-legged transfer bench with a sliding seat. The length of the sliding seat allows it to come all the way into the room space, providing users with an ample maneuvering range. In any case, you should take into the account your tub’s design before purchasing a transfer bench. Old-fashioned clawfoot tubs with walls over 18 or 20 inches high usually forbid the use of transfer benches. Moreover, curved tub rims may also preclude shower sliding transfer benches with swivel seats. 

In some instances, a shower sliding transfer bench will be enough to facilitate users to move in and out on their own. However, more often than not the reason to purchase a transfer bench is that the patient lacks mobility. Therefore, a caregiver would still have to exert considerable strength to convey a person into a shower or tub or back out again, even with the help of a swivel seat. This is particularly true in the case of overweight patients. Most transfer benches can sustain up to 250-300 lbs, but when it comes to obese patients, it may be best to acquire a Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Bench from Discount Medical Supplies
All things considered, the caregiver needs to be very careful so as to not hurt the patient, or themselves when using a shower sliding transfer bench. Far be it from us to tell these selfless individuals how to do their jobs or how to treat their disabled relatives, but we wouldn’t want them either to throw their backs out thinking that a swivel seat will need nothing but gravity and inertia to do its job.  

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