Sit up Straight! May is Correct Posture Month!

Sit up StraightRemember when our mothers used to tell us, “Don’t slouch!” or “Sit up straight!”?  Well, if only we would have listened!  When looking at it in depth, you are surprised of the huge negative impact a poor posture will have on you. If you think it is only about a simple “back pain”, guess again.  There are physical activities we do daily that without even noticing we do them with a terrible posture.  Even more sedentary activities like sitting, playing a video game, or even reading on a couch with a bad posture can affect your health in many ways.

Let’s begin with the usual back problems triggered by poor posture. Weather it is upper back or lower back, bad back problems can be very frustrating especially if you type of life style requires you coming and going.  Secondary to the pain on your back, the medication you take to control it might have a very big impact on your physical and mental health.  It’s important to take into account that we have very large muscle groups on our back, therefore medication sometimes will have to be stronger to control the discomfort.

I have to be honest; I am not one to practice perfect posture either.  As an extremely tall girl I tend to slouch a lot.  Doing the research for this article I realized I need to stop doing it ASAP and begin standing straight tall and proud of my height. Besides the upper back pain that you give yourself when you slouch, you are also opening the door to jaw pain and severe headaches. To make it even worse, a poor posture can lead to arthritis; impair the circulatory and digestive system and ultimately even affect breathing patterns.

Granted, it is very hard to keep a perfect posture 100% of the time.  However, if we become aware that we are incurring in an improper posture, with help of our chiropractor, you can learn some exercises that will help you with achieve it.  One golden rule to this is: keep your head up, shoulders back and tuck in your stomach when you are either standing or walking.

If you have an office job in front of a computer like me, another important aspect to consider is how to properly sit.   Make sure you keep your bend your legs on a 90 -120 degree angle and perpendicular to the floor. Your buttocks should be touching the backrest of the chair as your weight is distributed evenly on both hips. Your feet must be flat on the floor. If you are sitting at a desk, your arms and elbows should be resting on the surface. This will help you take strain off your shoulders.

Sitting for long periods of time will also have a negative impact on your body.  Experts recommend getting up every 30 minutes for a little stretch. If you are constantly drinking water, you will find a great excuse to get up every so often when you feel the urge to go to the bathroom.

Sleeping positions are also a trigger of pain when they are incoherent with your bone structure. Sometimes the need of a special pillow such as the Tri-Core Fiber Pillow will be suggested by your Chiropractor.  You will also be advised on what is the best sleeping position to support every point of your body that needs it.

When you become aware of your posture and realize how important it is to keep a good one, you will start benefiting from that knowledge and practice.  Among the advantages of keeping a good posture here are a few:

  1. Extra height (not sure if I want that). However it will make us look a lot more secure and proud of the body we carry.
  2. Lower fatigue levels as the muscles in our body are being efficiently uses to hold the position.
  3. Lower or prevent muscle pain, back pain and strains.
  4. Overall health as body is not pressuring joints by having improper posture.
  5. Prevent arthritis
  6. Circulatory and digestive systems will benefit from a good posture.

So there you have it. Next time you listen to your mom or grandma saying “Stand up Straight”, they know best and you should do it.  You will thank them in the long run! 

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