The Sleep As Android App Review

Android app

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First and foremost I must state that I have a bit of a strange sleeping habit. I have a hard time “powering down” and falling asleep, which results on me getting an average of almost 5 hours of sleep per weeknight. Sometimes even less. My mind races at late hours and it has always been hard for me to relax and go to bed, it doesn’t help that I get easily distracted. Ironically enough, when I do fall asleep, I am a heavy sleeper. I rarely wake up in the middle of the night by noises or general disturbances. So much so that in fact, I have slept through an earthquake once.

Recently my sleeping habits, or lack there of, have taken its toll on my daily life. I feel easily irritated, constantly tired, sluggish and every so often disheartened. Now I’ve had to power through these obstacles, but I came to a decision to stop and think outside of the box. Toying around through the Google Play store on my phone I stumbled upon the Sleep As Android App.  Developed by Urbandroid team, this application is advertised as “a sleeplab in your pocket”. Of course, this caught my eye immediately.

This app comes in a two-week free trial mode. And you can download it anytime to your Android Smartphone. How it works is pretty simple, The application will give you a notification onto when you should go to bed, then you just activate the application and place your phone on the mattress, near your pillow and leave it there while you sleep. The app can be set to give you time to brush your teeth and even do some reading before going to bed. Once you are ready, you start your sleep tracking, the application will begin to monitor your movement by the vibrations in the mattress, this enables the app to detect your sleep phases.

Now, here’s the kicker, the app is “smart” enough to detect when is the most optimal time for you to wake up, on the light phase of your sleep. The app has a gentle and nice alarm that can wake you up with nature sounds, avoiding the annoying and dreadful sound of your alarm clock. This will give you a pleasant way to start your morning. Myself, the very first night I tried it, I almost sleep through it because it was so gentle, however the app has this special feature called the “Smart Early Wake Up” what it does is to try to detect the light phase of your sleep and try to wake you up then before your preset alarm time. You can turn on of off this feature but is a great way to start your day a bit earlier and wake up in a gentler better mood.  I tried it and it works, but I don’t use this feature as much.

The alarms are designed for you to never oversleep again. For example when the alarm is set you can set the alarm to be deactivated with a CAPTCHA wake up verification on several different methods. Solving very simple Math problems, Sheep counting, phone shaking, by QR code recognition. If you have a smart light at your bedside the App can adjust for the light to be turned on and wake you up also this with automation with the Phillips HUE.

The app also has included some lullabies like relaxing nature sounds, such as the sound of rain and whale diving, but given that the speakers on most smartphones aren’t that evolved yet, I skipped that feature.

Now as you use this app night after night, it will record you sleep and give you stats on how you are sleeping. When you wake up you will be able to “rate” your sleep quality and leave a comment on how you slept. This app will keep track of your sleep “debt” and monitor your sleeping patterns. After it has recorded you for some nights it will give you recommendations on how to improve your sleep. 

One of the advertised features that I was hoping to get to see more was the snoring detection and the sleep talk recording, but I was not able to see it in the nights I tested the app. Now, unfortunately for iPhone users this application is not available for you, this is an exclusive app for Android smartphones.

Now to unlock this app and get the full version you will be required to pay for the unlock to get all the features and keep the app and the regular updates the manufacturers release for it. I bought the app because I felt it was very useful and there are many features that I would like to explore in the future. Mainly I am interested into further looking into on how can this app help me with my snoring.

Is it useful? Yes, very. In my experience I did learn something I did not know about sleep. One key factor that can change how you face the morning is how you wake up. If anything just for this particular key factor I would say, do not hesitate and go buy this app. The features are amazing, and the app really got me interested, but I must say that using this application does require some discipline.It is really of no use if you are not a person interested in keeping a rigorous sleeping schedule. Is it worth to buy the app? Well, that would be really up to you, download the free trial version and give it a go, as for me this app convinced me to keep it and pay for it.

Sweet dreams!