Sleep Tight With A Cervical Indentation Pillow

The peak of passive physical therapy must be the ability to prevent and heal pain even as you sleep. That is possible with a cervical indentation pillow. The neck is a very important part of the body, and a very sensitive one as well. Cervical damage can have repercussions in the rest of your body. Therefore, having the proper support while you rest can keep the neck in alignment with the spine, cradle the head, and brace the shoulders. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s better to rest your head and neck on a cervical pillow than having to wear a cervical collar?
Why exactly is the neck so important? First of all it houses the cervical vertebrae. Although these are the smallest of human vertebrae, the seven of them (numbered from C1 to C7) are connected to several other key areas of the body. Thus we have that C1 corresponds to the base of the nose and the hard palate, C2 to the teeth (closed mouth), C3 to the mandible and hyoid bone, C4 and C5 to the thyroid cartilage, and C6 and C7 to the cricoids cartilage. Outstanding among them are C1 (atlas), C2 (axis), and C7 (vertebra prominems).

Atlas is called so because is the cervical vertebra that supports the globe of the head. Together with axis, atlas connects the skull with the spine. Without these two vertebrae we wouldn’t be able to perform motions we take for granted, such as nodding and rotating our heads. Moreover, atlas and axis go all the way up to the brain stem. Basically, they are the pillars to our most important organ. The vertebra prominens, or prominent vertebra, is the most conspicuous in most people. Cervical vertebrae have their own spinal nerves, which are called cervical nerves, of which curiously there are actually eight.
This is because all cervical nerves are placed above their matching vertebra, except the eight one which is located below C7. We all know how receptive nerves are to pain, so it comes as no surprise that all of that intricate structure which bridges the head with the body needs special maintenance. Much like many an actual bridge, the inner workings of the neck are an engineering masterpiece that is nonetheless vulnerable to accidents, the passage of time, and overall wear and tear. Maybe you’re too busy during your waking hours to even think about that, but there’s no excuse not to be good to your neck while asleep if you’re able to do so, and able you are with a cervical indentation pillow.