Standing might be better than sitting for your health!

standingYou might want to stand up for the news we are about to give you. According to a brand new study published by the European Heart Journal by a group of researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia, standing is better for your health than sitting. They are claiming in this new study that if we were to replace extensive sitting hours to having a habit of standing up and walking around more, we would improve our blood sugar levels, as well as we will naturally lower cholesterol and the amount of fat in our blood (thus helping maintain a healthier heart), and we will help keep a trimmed waistline.  

Researchers in charge of this study claim that standing and the time spent doing so are associated intrinsically a decrease in the levels of fat and sugar in the blood. To further illustrate they have said that two full extra hours of standing per day can be directly linked with “11% lower fat level in the blood (triglycerides) and 2% lower levels of fasting blood sugar.” This ultimately can result in less likelihood of developing diabetes.

Furthermore, having more time standing up also can be directly associated with an more stable and ideal levels of good cholesterol, considerably decreasing the risk of heart disease. Also, this research added that people who spend at least 2 hours longer walking every day tend to have a smaller waistline, almost by 3 inches.

The method employed to perform this study was based on isotemporal analysis based on how the body responds to spending time sitting down and standing up. They checked vital signs, the waist, weight and blood pressure, of all the people involved in the research. They also took into consideration a considerable range of adult men and women, in total 782 for an entire week. The gathered data was processed and the results they found claim that a considerable change in the amount of time that the average adult spends sitting down and standing up can really make a difference to their health.

On an average every adult spends at least 9 hours per day sitting down the time they are awake, that accounts for 60% of the time, and with this brand new outlook on the way we lead our lives can result in very interesting changes to the way we approach working in an office and commuting. Further studies are pending by peer based publication to further elaborate on the findings by this research.

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