A Startup Guide to Discount Medical Supplies

Hello and welcome to Discount Medical Supplies! Right off the bat I am assuming you are new to our website, so allow me to introduce us. We are a physician owned and operated medical supplies retailer, that takes pride on the fact that we provide the highest quality medical supplies at the absolute lowest price available.  We serve both practitioners and the general public with the best customer experience, with support of dedicated and knowledgeable personnel that are driven to help you with anything you might need. Also, we strive to always go the extra-mile and engage and provide our customers with relevant health news and interesting articles related on diverse health topics.  We are very dedicated to our customers and our mission statement, so much that we have a long-standing and running price match guarantee policy, meaning that if you find a lower price we will gladly match it for you.


To start up an account with Discount Medical Supplies is very simple, let me show you on quick and easy steps how to do it.

-First what you need to do is Register an account with us. Go to the top right corner our homepage and click on Log In / Register. You will then be taken to a new page where you will be asked to register or log in (if you are already a member). To create a new account, please click on “REGISTER

-Then you will go to our “create an account” page.  This page is very self-explanatory as you will see. You will just need to enter your name and a valid and active email address.

-After you have entered that information, you will be asked to type in a password and provide us with some additional information.

-After you have done that, your Discount Medical Supplies account will be created and registered, you will be then taken to “My Dashboard”, which is a page that handles all your account information.

-Up front you will see your contact information and you address book (shipping and billing addresses will be posted here one you have entered them).

-Also, on the left column you will see a section labeled under “My Account”, as you can see in this section you will have all the pertinent tools to edit your account information and track the orders that you place.

Placing an Order

To place an order with Discount Medical Supplies is very easy process. If you are looking for a specific item in our catalogue we have our search tool on top of the page, just enter the name and hit enter. If you are browsing items seeking for different options, underneath the search tool we have listed the different product categories that you can select. We have our entire catalogue organized to make it easier for you to locate what you are looking for.  Once you have located the product that you are looking for and are ready to place your order, on the product page you will see a “Buy Now” button.  Next to it you will see, a quantity box in which you will be able to enter the quantity of the selected item that you what to purchase. This box will be defaulted to 1. When you are ready, click the Buy Now button and the items will be automatically added to your cart. The page will automatically take you to your cart so you can either review it or proceed with your purchase. If you wish to continue shopping, just simply continue browsing our store. The items in you cart will remain there until you place your order or remove it manually. If you proceed with the order click on the “Buy Now” button to begin the checkout process.

In the next page you will need to enter all your payment information. If this is your first order you will be asked to enter to a billing and a shipping address, once you’ve entered them they will be saved to your account and on your second purchase they will be stored there for you. Next you will be requested to select a shipping method. Please be advised that if your order exceeds $200 you will qualify to get free shipping on your order, as per our shipping policies. Then, you will need top enter your payment information, Discount Medical Supplies accepts all major credit cards and are a trusted eCommerce, guaranteeing you a completely safe transaction. Just before you click “place order now”, you will see a field that requests a Coupon Code. Every week we give our customers special discount codes, weekly and different media, if you were to have a discount coupon code this is the field to enter it. The final step is to click the “Place Order Now” button, we will process your payment information and prepare to ship you your order.  Go ahead and try, you will see that our site is very easy to navigate and use.

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