Steel Drop Arm Bedside Commode with Padded Seat and Arms

The Steel Drop Arm Bedside Commode with Padded Seat and Arms is several home care medical supplies in one; a bedside commode – as its name already implies –, a toilet safety frame, an elevated toilet seat, and it can also be placed over an existing toilet. 


·         12-quart bucket with carry handle and splash shield.

·         Easy to assemble.

·         Easy to clean.

·         Easy-to-release drop arm mechanism for safe lateral patient transfers from a wheelchair to the commode and vice versa.

·         Perfect for people with limited dexterity.

·         Height-adjustable legs.

·         Padded open front vinyl toilet seat.

·         Plastic armrests and back for additional comfort and support.

·          Tool-free removable back.

·         Padded seat offers a comfortable place to rest on when sitting.

·         Padded arm rests indicate a safe place to grab when sitting down or standing up.


The drop arms in this bedside commode have a large, easy-to-push release lever, making a type of home care medical supplies ideal for users with limited finger or hand dexterity. The push button height-adjustable legs allow this commode to mimic an elevated toilet seat. This commode can be disassembled without tools for easy storage and transport. The power-coated steel welded construction makes this product strong and durable. It comes complete with a snap-on seat and lid, a 12-quart commode bucket with cover, and a convenient carry handle, as well as a splash guard.


At least one person has complained that when you need to empty the pail, the toilet seat is difficult to lift because it is ‘latched on’ to the crossbar underneath it.



·         Remove the contents from box.

·         Depress the brass push pins and insert the bucket frame section into first arm.

·         Push pins will snap into place when the frame in securely in place.

·         Repeat for the second arm section.

·         Insert the backrest into the backrest receptacles in the commode bucket frame. Brass push pins will snap into place when secure.

·         Align padded toilet seat clamps onto back frame rail (both clamps should sit outside pail brackets). Push down on the seat until the clamps snap firmly into place. To remove, grasp the back of the seat and lift.

·         Install the commode bucket by dropping into the bucket frame. Reverse to remove.

Leg height

·         Before using the steel drop arm bedside commode with padded seat and arms, adjust the height of each leg to the specific needs of the user, ensuring that all legs are at the same height.

·         When the desired height is reached, lock the legs into place by aligning buttons into the proper holes.

·         Push down on or pull the legs to make sure they are locked into place.


·         The toilet seat must be in down position before using.

·         Failure to do so may lead to breakage of the commode and potential injury.

·         Do not install the commode without first reading and understanding the instruction manual.

·         If you cannot understand the instructions, contact a healthcare provider or technical professional before installing.

·         Check all parts for shipping damage before assembly.

·         Make sure that the height-adjusting snap buttons fully protrude through the same respective hole of each leg extension. This will ensure that leg extensions are securely locked in position and an even height is achieved.

·         Make sure that all screws, nuts and/or bolts are tightened.

·         Inspect the rubber tips on the leg extensions for rips, wear or if they are missing. Replace any or all if any of these imperfections exist.

·         All four leg extensions with rubber tips must touch the floor simultaneously at all times.

·         Users with limited physical strength should be supervised or assisted by a caregiver while using commode.

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