Take the test! American Diabetes Association Alert Day

Today, March 25th, 2014 your “wake-up call" could be from Diabetes. As Discount Medical Supplies joins the celebration of this important day of diabetes awareness, this company also supports everyone to be on the lookout every day, especially to prevent it. On American Diabetes Association Alert Day, the entire country is invited to take the “Diabetes Risk Test” and it's pretty simple, no need to study… just answer a few questions about family history, your height and weight and it will tell you if you have any chance of presenting prediabetes or type 2 diabetes.

The Diabetes risk test is available all year long, but today marks the date to make everyone know that it exists and it doesn’t take long to take a test that could probably change your life for good. No matter the outcome, they also encourage you to follow preventive steps. Click here to take this test online, or download a PDF version to take with you.
If your test results tell you that you could probably be having this condition, it is always recommended to do a follow up and check with your healthcare provider, either your doctor’s office or a lab. The diagnosis normally needs a repetition on a second day to be official. However, if the specialist concludes that your blood glucose level is high or if there are any symptoms of high blood glucose along with a positive test then the repetition might not be requested.
If you have a positive result on your Diabetes risk test, know that you are not alone, and until confirmed by your practitioner, it could only be a heads up to change your lifestyle and lead a healthier life.
Spread the word, type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed. Eating well, staying at a healthy weight and staying active are the main steps in prevention and lowering risks. Visit www.diabetes.org for further information on Diabetes.