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Ever since digital blood pressure monitors became available to the general public, the market became flooded with options in nearly all shapes and sizes. Checking for which one to purchase can be a tedious task, specially narrowing down to the best possible option available. The Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitors bring something extra to the mix that makes them stand out from the rest. They actually talk (hence the name). We decided to check if this product is worth a purchase and put it to the test, and as always, we also gathered comments and feedback from customers who have purchased this item in the past.

What is it?

The Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitors by Health Smart is a talking blood pressure monitor. It features a voice guide that prompts use and announces the readings aloud. It also features an instant comparison to the World Health Organization’s standards. It also has an irregular heartbeat indicator, 120-reading memory with 2 memory banks that have space for 60 readings each. It has a simplified one button operated. It also has a large LCD display with date and timestamp and an automatic shut off, which pretty much makes it a extremely easy to use machine.

What Customers like about this product

One would think at first that the main attraction that is advertised about the Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitors is the voice prompt, however it comes at a second place. Most our customers who purchased this item, are wowed and amazed by the on easy to operate this unit is. Getting using the machine and getting readings with just one button. Elderly people and those who might be not very technologically savvy will find this machine a real treat to use.   

What Customer’s don’t like about this product

Overall customers who purchased this item voiced themselves to be very pleased with the machine. And the only comment that could be qualified as “criticism” is that the memory bank is could be larger. But to be entirely frank, we were not able to test this machine for an extensive period of time. Depending on the amount of readings performed over a standard period of time you might see the memory bank fill up quickly. But it shouldn’t be that much of an issue.


The Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are great monitors and should be amongst your first options when purchasing a blood pressure monitor. A great purchase.

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