How to use the TENS 3000 for Sciatic Pain?

Also known as Sciatica, this type of pain affects the sciatic nerve which goes from the lower back to the bottom back of each leg. There is certainly different types of treatment to manage this pain, however in this article you will see how to use the TENS 3000 for sciatic pain and the rapid effectiveness you will feel from this therapy.                                                                                            

The TENS 3000 is used for pain management treatments that focuses on transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation (TENS). This non-invasive therapy sends safe electric waves through the electrodes attached near the affected area, blocking the pain signals sent to the brain through the distressed nerves.

The success of the TENS therapy is a matter of a correct electrode placement and time intervals. Specifically for sciatic pain, the electrodes must be placed in a crisscross manner. And what I mean by this is since you have four electrodes you will want to put two from a same channel opposite to each other and the other two the same way on the other side making an imaginary X in which the center is where you feel most discomfort.


Another way to see this placement and since sciatica covers a large distance of your body, is placing one of the electrodes vertically above where the pain originates, normally on the sciatic notch (located below your buttocks, if you press on it you will feel pain), and the other electrode vertically towards the bottom of the pain. The other two electrodes can be placed creating an X with one on the side of your leg towards the upper side of your thigh and the other on the back a little above the knee level.

As for the amount of electricity impulses, use those recommended by your doctor or physical therapist and during the periods of time recommended. Normally these go for 2 or 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes, however this will depend on each patient and the amount of pain they are feeling.

Since this unit uses batteries, you can leave your electrodes on and use it during the day while at work or in the comfort of your home. Remember it is important to have your practitioner show you how to use the TENS 3000 for sciatic pain before starting your therapy. And as any prescribed treatment, you must follow directions of placement, time and intensity if you want to see fast and successful results.

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