TENS 3000 and Unexpected Sources of Pain

You know that nagging pain, the one you think it’s been there forever? More often than not, it hasn’t, though something you’ve been doing for a long time without even realizing it may be the cause. And while the TENS 3000 unit is a very effective method for dealing with many types of chronic pain stemming from several different sources, sometimes addressing the actual root of the problem means changing a time-observed custom; but first you have to identify it. For example, wearing flip-flops or foam-soled sandals is not the best choice for optimal arch support, and can lead to foot, ankle and knee pain. 
If you own a smartphone, you probably already know that texting can be hell on the thumbs, but could it actually lead to arthritis? Some doctors who have had to treat young patients with arthritis at the base of the thumb think that there may be a relationship. Other sources of technology related pain include very active videogames which can lead to real injuries like sprains and torn ligaments, and carrying laptop cases around, whether by hand (tennis elbow) or on the shoulder (back and shoulder pain).

.Remember that Seinfeld episode where George had an over-stuffed wallet and had to use a massage chair to relieve the pain that his ‘morbidly obese friend’ was causing him? That can actually happen; carrying an overloaded wallet in your back pocket can pinch the sciatic nerve, misalign your spine, and result in muscle tension and shooting pains down one leg. The good news is that you don’t have to switch to a European carry-all; you can start by removing your wallet when sitting down, in particular in the car. 
Speaking of cars and driving, an improperly angled car seat can make the driver stoop forward in order to grip the wheel, pulling the head from the head rest and potentially causing neck pain.   
The pain you feel when awake may be developing while you sleep. Poor sleeping postures can bother the neck and, among other body parts. Falling asleep while watching TV can also lead to a sore neck especially if you lie across the couch with your head turned toward the television. 
A pain management device like the TENS 3000 may come very useful to alleviate pain in many of the cases stated above, but make sure also to dig deeper and find the real cause of that literal and figurative pain in the neck.
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