How the TENS 7000 can relieve intense pain sensitivity?


According to new research from the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, some people experience pain more intensely than others; the good news is that these individuals can feel pain relief just as intensely by using a TENS 7000 unit. In this study, 116 people were asked to rate pain intensity after having a small spot of skin heated to 120˚Farenheit. Days later, their brains were scanned with an MRI machine. People whose cortex was thinner in areas associated with introspection and attention control were prone to heightened pain sensitivity. The object of such a study is not only to determine how and why people react to pain, but also to shed some light on injury and chronic pain management.

One of the most effective treatments for both chronic and acute pain is precisely the TENS 7000, an electrotherapy device that sends electrical impulses transcutaneously in order to stimulate nerve terminals and alter the brain’s perception of pain. The brain is all-important when it comes to pain and its relief; as a matter of fact, the brains structure has a direct influence of whether an injury heals for good, or degenerates into chronic pain. It has been theorized that the reason that people with less gray matter volume in the aforementioned areas of the brain are more sensitive to pain is because those areas are associated with resting and daydreaming. 


These activities take place when people are in a so-called default mode and may have to compete with other, pain-generating activities. As a result, people who spend more time in default and who control their attention span better may be less pain sensitive and able to keep pain under control. This discovery has the potential to help establish who could get the most benefit of using a TENS 7000.
For example, this unit is designed to alleviate recurrent musculoskeletal pain in an ongoing, long term basis. Being aware that you have a predisposition to not only feel pain more vividly, but also have it resurface time and again could certainly be the decisive factor that leads you to invest in a TENS 7000 device. While it still may be a long way to go before scientific research devises a way to entirely vanquish pain, you don’t have to wait to enjoy pain relief.  The answer is within reach in the form of the TENS 7000.

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