TENS Electrotherapy Units for Pain Management

Pain management can be overwhelming, due to the sheer abundance of treatments out there that claim to do one thing or another. However, all treatments are not created equal. One of the more superior and effective treatments out there is TENS electrotherapy. This therapy is safe and non-invasive and can solve a wide variety of health care issues. One of the most compelling reasons to choose this type of therapy is that it can be used in your home setting. 
Advantages of TENS Electrotherapy
TENS electrotherapy boasts some distinct advantages over other pain management options. According to WebMD, some of these include:
This type of therapy is non-invasive since electrodes are placed directly on top of the painful area.
Electrotherapy is safe since it uses only a slight electrical current to target the nerves associated with the pain.
The therapy helps the body to produce its own version of natural killers, endorphins, which helps reduce the pain.
This technology is safe enough to be used at home since the devices are relatively easy to operate.
The amount of current can be adjusted accordingly, to meet a specific patient’s health care needs.
Types of Electrotherapy Units
Since electrotherapy can be completed in the home, there are an abundance of devices to choose from. 
A few of the TENS electrotherapy devices include: 
Digital Ultima Five TENS can be adjusted while delivering therapy through two different wave forms. One of the most valuable advantages of this device is that information is displayed on a large LCD screen that is easily read.
Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, Single Mode is great for a wide range of painful conditions including back pain, headaches, overall muscle pain and sports-related injuries. This diverse device is simple to use; a patient can adjust both the frequency and pulse width depending on a patient’s needs.
TENS 3000, 3-mode with Timer Tens Unit is both safe and non-invasive. This machine is easy to utilize, yet effective, since it is based on an operating system. This unit utilizes exact dial performance.
TENS electrotherapy is highly effective in the management of pain--no matter what the cause or the specific condition afflicting a patient. TENS therapy has been proven effective in treating back pain, muscle pains, sports injuries, migraines and many more. A health care professional can help you choose the perfect device for your condition.