Tens Therapy for Back Pain

tens therapy

Tens therapy for back pain can be the answer you are looking for after trying it all against your chronic back pain.  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, also known as TENS, makes use of low voltage electric currents conducted through lead wires into the body to relieve pain.

Tens units have gained popularity through the years as more and more patients find themselves giving up medication and avoiding invasive surgeries.  The portable tens units are best sellers in medical supply companies as they are accessible to the public and extremely easy to use at home. They are devices that generate electric current and send it into the body through the lead wires and distributed by electrodes on the affected area.

Solution for Back Pain

Back pain is the main cause of disability in the United States according to the statistics.  It is also the main reason why people take the decision to purchase a Tens Unit such as the TENS 7000.  Pain management can be possible if you make use of the right tools and equipment to take care of it. Besides being non-invasive, a TENS unit is able to block the pain signals from reaching the brain making the pain disappear almost instantly when you use TENS therapy for back pain.

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Advantages of TENS therapy for back pain:

·         It is non-invasive. You will find yourself drinking less pain killers that will ultimately trigger other health issue in your digestive and circulatory system.
·         It is safe. The use of electricity is slight and the current is secure enough to target the affected area in pain more directly without any harm.
·         It enhances natural body pain killers. This therapy allows the body to produce substances such as endorphins to help decrease the pain.
·         It is adjustable. You are able to modify the amount of current you want passing into your body according to how much you can handle and need.

Remember that a good posture will also help you, especially as a great compliment when you are using TENS therapy for back pain. Make sure you sit upright and when picking up heavy loads from the floor to do it properly by bending your knees.  You should also be on the lookout for injuries, inherited conditions, bone or disc degeneration, etc.  Your body will appreciate the extra care and will last you longer on its feet.