TENS Treatment for Neuropathy

According to the Mayo Clinic, by definition, neuropathy is the condition of nerve damage that can result in weakness, pain, numbness and sensations of tingling and burning that usually occur in the hands and feet. 
While the pain can be chronic and debilitating, there are many viable solutions to put an end to it. One of the most widely used health care options is TENS treatment. A specialized device sends a mild electric current to the source of pain, through electrodes attached to the body according to WebMD. These treatments have proven to be both effective and safe.
How TENS Therapy Works
TENS treatment may vary depending on an individual patient’s particular needs but there are some hallmark characteristics of this therapy. 
These include:
Placing the electrodes directly on the source of pain to alleviate the symptoms.
Varying up the degree of frequency to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.
Most patients can use this treatment daily with no side effects.
The skin should be monitored to ensure it doesn’t burn or develop a rash.
Most patients can purchase these units on their own and use them at home without a health care professional. 
Other forms of treatment or therapy can be used in conjunction with TENS to further boost its effectiveness. 

TENS Treatment for Home Use
Since these devices are relatively simple and straight forward to use.
A couple of choices include:
TENS AA Digital Unit is especially convenient since it runs on AA batteries. With 5 treatment modes available, it can handle a wide range of pain levels-- from low to severe. All pertinent information can be monitored on a large-sized LCD screen. This device is extremely easy to use.
InTENSity 5000 Hybrid is a combination of analog and digital technologies to provide superior pain therapy. There are 5 modes of operation as well as timer .This device comes with everything you need including a carrying case, the electrodes and an instruction manual.
Your days of suffering can truly be numbered once you have purchased a TENS device and start TENS treatment. This technology is simple to use, highly effective and affordable. Whether your pain is slight or severe, a TENS device can help meet all of your health care needs. 

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