TENS unit suppliers: Why choose Discount Medical Supplies

tens unit suppliers

Honestly speaking, TENS unit suppliers are a dime a dozen, but the vast majority are not worth your dime. What makes Discount Medical Supplies the difference? Let’s have a look at some of the qualities that people on the internet demand from TENS suppliers and see how DMS measures up.

Varied technology

Any tech-savvy individual knows that when it comes to machines it’s ‘here today, gone tomorrow.’ And as any tech-challenged individual would tell you, sometimes analog is better than digital. DMS caters to both ends of the spectrum, offering a wide variety of TENS devices ranging from classic to cutting-edge, state of the art technology, such as the following (not including hybrids and combo units):

·         TENS 2800

·         TENS 3000

·         TENS 7000

·         TENS 7000 to go

·         TENS AA Digital

·         TENS Digital Ultima Five

·         TENS Ultima 20

·         TopTENS Pain Relief System


Educational material

Many TENS unit suppliers are content with selling pain relieving devices without putting in the time or resources to educate customers. Sure, most customers want pain relief and they want it now, but simply ordering an electrotherapy machine will not be enough to make you feel better. You have to understand how TENS therapy and pain work, so that you can successfully use the former to treat the latter. Fortunately, Discount Medical Supplies has an extensive library of articles, videos, and webinars dealing with any and all TENS-related topics, and this is only one example of many.

Customer support

Certain companies have customer service departments in name only, seemingly believing that the words ‘customer service’ constitute an oxymoron. But at DMS empathy for the customers -not only as customers but as patients, caregivers, practitioners, etc- is le mot du jour every single day. And speaking of different languages, our customer support department is fully English/Spanish bilingual.

 As can be see, customers can have their pick of whichever TENS technology (and several others like EMS and Ultrasound) they are looking for at Discount Medical Supplies, and if the instruction manual proves too dense, they are welcome to check our archives for user-friendly texts. Similarly, our customer service is ready, willing and able to provide the human touch that TENS unit suppliers should have, and lend you a helping hand as well as a guiding voice. And remember that TENS is only the tip of the DMS iceberg.