The Use of Tens Units for Arthritis Treatment, Symptoms & Pain

This type of arthritis is most common in older people because the joints will continue to deteriorate as you age, leading to an increase in symptoms, explains the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases through NIH. This may affect any joint in the body, but tends to affect those which are most often used.

Because arthritic damage can cause a great deal of damage that causes the joints to become inflamed and sore it can be difficult to manage everyday tasks, notes NIH. This can be disheartening for patients as they work to discover which activities they will still be able to manage over time.

Preventing Further Damage

While arthritis may be genetic in some cases there are some conditions that increase the risk of developing this condition.

•    Obesity, heredity, weak muscles, overuse of the joint, injury to the joint and age are known factors that can lead to joint damage according to

•    Treatment for osteoarthritis will largely revolve around the type of arthritic damage that you have and the extent of the damage. notes that joints that are damaged can eventually become unusable if they are allowed to continue swelling and becoming sore. This does not necessarily mean the pain will become worse over time as this can vary by patient.

Managing the Discomfort

Arthritic damage can be quite uncomfortable, so patients often seek out remedies that will lessen the swelling and soreness.

•    Osteoarthritis sufferers can benefit from pain management technologies knee-elbow pad wrap for aqua relief that can help to encourage circulation that will minimize discomfort.

•    Your lower body symptoms can also be treated with electrotherapy. A tens unit like the TENS 3000 is a great solution to treat lower back pain. It will block pain signals from reaching the brain and at the same time promote healing.

•    Anti-inflammatory medication or blood thinning pain killers can be prescribed to help lower the symptoms of arthritic pain. However, these can cause additional side effects if taken long term so you should consult your doctor before use.

Arthritic symptoms can also cause a feeling of helplessness, difficulty participating in activities, difficulty fulfilling your obligations, anxiety or depression. These may need to be addressed by a counselor or help aid at home that can encourage you to continue to be active says the NIH.

Because arthritis will continue to get worse with age it is important to start treatment as soon as the condition is discovered to minimize the potential damage.