A toast, to burning fat with red wine.


Just recently the Journal of Nutritional  Biochemistry released a study that will come as great news to wine lovers. A chemical that is found on the grapes that produce Dionysus’ favorite drink, can slow the growth of existing fat cells and considerably stop the development of new ones.

In this brand new study, lead by Neil Shay of Oregon State University, researchers have found that red wine or grape juice promotes and helps the liver to burn fat more efficiently, and furthermore, it can help overweight people have an improvement in their liver functions. This findings, according to the research, means that there is a key in grapes that could be exploited in the search to find new ways to loose weight. It also must be pointed out that drinking too much wine will only produce a hang over and not a miraculous shedding of pounds unfortunately, as more focused and thorough research is warranted.

What the researchers found to be producing this effect on fat cells is called “Ellagic acid”. This component of dark-red grapes can considerably impede the development of existing fat cells, making it easy for the body to “burn” them. Then this same component has a strong similar effect to the development of new fat cells.

The researchers in this study fed mice with a diet with similar effects of an unhealthy diet that would put excessive pounds on a human being. A portion of the mice was then fed with an amount of grape extract equivalent to half a cup of grapes for human beings over a ten-week trial.

'Ellagic acid proved to be a powerhouse in this experiment, too, lowering the high-fat-fed mice's blood sugar to nearly the levels of the lean, normally fed mice.' Said Shay in an interview when presenting the results of this study.

The results obtained by this study open up a new window of possibilities and further pathways for research of weight loss and how to burn fat more efficiently. On the other hand nutritionists will most certainly look into the newly discovered benefits of red wine, grape juice and grape extract to apply to a regular person’s healthy diet.

These discoveries are now listed with other recent affirmations made by a different studies that claimed that grapes and red wine can help fight cavities, provide protection against cancer and prevent memory loss problems related to aging.

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